Know Bible Facts From Fiction, Science and Prophecy for today!
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Welcome! This site is dedicated to the exploration of God’s word in light and truth. It is always under construction as this is an ongoing project and lives work. My goal is to, not only to be thorough and concise, but to be easy to understand for every reader. I will deal here with prophecy as it relates to today’s world, and also science as it relates to the Bible.

Many in today’s world believe that Science and the Bible are contrary to each other, and as a matter of fact,” nothing could be farther from the truth. One of the most detrimental areas to the Bible and Christianity as a whole is not what the bible says, but what Christians and secularists believe it says .I discovered long ago that the word of God stands on its own authority and does not need our help. Many have stumbled and fallen prey to their own ignorance and the ignorance of the Church and their dogma and understanding of fables, in effect what they try to do is make the Bible fit their theology and not the truth. The bible is not only a spiritual journey but it is futuristic, dynamic, and scientific! Yes I said the word scientific in many ways.

 My goal is to reconcile some of these dilemmas and open up the word and understanding for all to see and enjoy! I understand that I will likely make many upset as some of the issues are a hotbed to believers and secularists alike one such issue is the literal six day creation story, but I will not apologize for what the word says, or because someone has gotten their dogmatic or legalistic toes stepped on. The same thing goes for those in the secular community who think that they know what the Bible says and dispute the scientific content inside of its pages. The Bible is not only milk for the newly formed Christian babe, but is meant for the most astute intellectual mind that is able to grasp not only its spiritual content but its stimulating parallels and insights.

I hope you enjoy this website and will return many times as I hope to always have something new and exciting to add here. I also have a game room for those who are young at heart and like to play online games. I have tried them and they are fun to play! My goal is to have something for everyone, and to not only open up your spiritual mind but to stimulate the intellectual as well. I am non denominational and this site is purely my own thoughts and ideas. I pay for its operation out of my own pocket as a labor of love to my fellow man. I hope that you find salvation through this message and acceptance to the Gospel that literally means good news, of Jesus Christ and “him” crucified for your sins once for all mankind who are willing to accept the free gift of God.

I welcome suggestions and even arguments to the published content. I have created a page in the menu bar for you to voice your opinion. There is also a blog that you may use to reply to some of the things listed here if you wish. I state once again I make no apologies for the truth of God’s word and what it says, for he alone is the author and finisher of our faith and trust, and in him we are all upheld by the power of his word.


In this life we often do! But Jesus never fails!

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