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A thorn in the sides of the Philosophers! How to crack the over Educated egg.

My Grammar was a goodly woman
I am teaching those who oppose the Delphi technique, the Alinsky method and other programs like it and those who like to debate certain views to not use proper punctuation, and or spelling and there is a very profound reason why. Most of the so called illuminated or overly Educated and philosophical kind

 :-( who pride themselves as elevated beings are all egocentric and this distraction always puts them on edge. The so-called critical thinkers are supposed to dispose of the weakness of emotional thinking and put forth a godlike ability to divide clear and concise thought patterns, searching out the logos of the word and squashing those peasants who would dare to match wits with such a lofty mind. Anger is always their weakness, ego their downfall. If you pick away brick by brick you reveal their true nature. :-) You may even discover an alter ego, fragile and susceptible to failure, due to pettiness and egocentric thinking.

If you are in a face to face debate, I suggest simplistic vocabulary for the hearing audience to relate to, always keeping your tone bright and upbeat setting the opposition in defensive mode. Never stray from the topic always taking the opposition back to the original topic, as they tend to stray in a deliberate attempt to either make you defend your position, or to lead you away from the topic. Always come back to the task and topic at hand and if possible use humor. Simplicity in tactic and speech always leads the opposition to under estimate your ability to think critically and to assume you are just an easy mark. The most fun once you gain the skills is to paint yourself into a presumed corner in what I call; the wounded rabbit  where the opposition sees what is perceived as this weakness, and are chopping at the bit to expose and make you feel ignorant, forgetting all else said.  Many times these egomaniacs become unwitting subjects to a game they have underestimated from the start.  Written forums are always the easiest to play to the egocentric as they scan and search for grammatical errors and can’t wait to belittle and berate those they perceive to be of lesser learning. For the before mentioned reasons I often refuse or deliberately ignore errors or I might transpose words.

You will likely notice especially if a debate is related to secular vs biblical belief the opposition almost always reverts to some form of miss interpretation or quote of scripture, and once you understand why this is done it makes it easier to defuse those who use this tactic. I want to touch on this, and reveal where this first happened in history, and why it is still used to this day. Most may not know this, but the first to use this tactic was Satan. Yes you read this right it was the Devil himself who used this tactic to knock Eve off sides and to defend her understanding of what God’s word was and to defend her understanding, and I will give the example of this below from the book of Genesis.

One of the deadly sins those ignorant Christians know about; pride of life, and trust me when I tell you that the egocentric are as fragile as the rest of us once you peel back the skin of their onions. The same tools Satan tries to use against us, and even Jesus himself, work in reverse to the wicked.  So what are the three deadly sins?

The lust of the eyes.

The lust of the flesh

The pride of life.

The more egotistical they are the easier they topple. I do follow a simple rule as a trained professional, you can call it guilt I call it humanity. If I see someone at the brink of a crushed psyche I always disengage, it never serves any purpose to send another past their breaking point and you would be surprised just how easy this is to crack a fragile ego hidden behind a facade of make believe and perfection. We are all flawed and full of imperfections, the only difference is some of us refuse to see ourselves with them.
 One side note I love to use especially when dealing with those in the teaching fields because they are some of the most egocentric.  When they find perceived grammatical errors or spelling errors, always remind them that you are a product of their teaching skills and never let them make an attack on you personal.

Genesis 3:1-14 (King James Version)

Genesis 3

1 Now the serpent (Scientist so called Educator or Philosopher) was more subtle (cunning, crafty or sly) than any beast (common man or Adam) of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said (questioning God’s word right from the start), Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? (Twisting and mincing the word with believers, bringing in doubt !)

2 And the woman said unto the serpent (Scientist so called Educator/ Philosopher), We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. (Two things happen here with Eve, # 1 she listened to the enticement and let it get personal and take root. #2 she defended God’s word with exaggeration and untruth, not believing what she said to begin with and letting the lie take root in her spirit.)

4 And the serpent (scientist so called Educator/ Philosopher) said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: (God’s word is not real and either is God!)

5 For God doth know that in the day (light) ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods (You will have  god like brain power and knowledge), knowing good and evil. (Thinking you are above Gods moral laws and universal principals)

6 And when the woman saw that the tree (Degree/ diploma/ Worldly elevation) was good for food (able to feed your understanding), and that it was pleasant to the eyes (fed your growing ego), and a tree (or high standard coveted by others) to be desired to make one wise ( a tower to make you stand out), she took of the fruit (bait) thereof, and did eat (fill herself), and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat (fill himself).

7 And the eyes of them both were opened (they could only see in the physical realm), and they knew that they were naked (uncovered); and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.

8 And they heard (Note they could only hear him now and not feel him) the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden. (Thinking God does not see all)

9 And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou? (Where are you spiritually Adam?)

10 And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden (my conscience), and I was afraid, because I was naked (uncovered); and I hid myself.

11 And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?

12 And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

13 And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done (why did you defile your mind?) And the woman said, The serpent (Educator/ Philosopher/ Scientist) beguiled me (lead me stray mentally), and I did eat. (Partake, The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force! If you control the head you control the body….)

14 And the LORD God said unto the serpent (scientist so called Educator/ Philosopher), Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: (because you refuse to believe you are damned and spiritually blind)

I find this ironic that the very tactic that Satan used on Eve at the Garden is the same logic being used now to deny God, first question God’s word next argue about what God’s word said, in other words his meaning, and so Eve even adds to God’s word and says you can’t even touch the forbidden knowledge or you will die. Then Satan that seducer, feeds on man’s ego that he will become as smart as God, and the deal is sealed, we just succumbed to another deadly sin.

One other fascinating fact here is what God said; who is like me I can tell you the end from the beginning and he is!

In the book of Daniel 12:1-3 is an end time prophecy that speaks of Jesus return but what caught my eye was verse 4 speaking about what that time would be like and I would like to share this insight

Daniel 12:4 (King James Version)

4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and (knowledge) shall be increased. (Knowing, understanding, Education, information seeking)

Is it not funny how with our financial collapse everyone is not only pushing for us to get that higher Education and indoctri9nation, but those who are seeking understanding as to what is going on and all those who rant about those stupid so called conspiracy theories are all being vindicated.

I have one more to add here and that is the tower of "Babel" (the word means in Hebrew confusion) all men were of one mind and one language (or all said the same thing, or thought the same way)

Genesis 11:1-6 (King James Version)

Genesis 11

1 And the whole earth was of one language (Spoke the same), and of one speech.(Being politically correct)

2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the (((east  Islam))), that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.

3 And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter. (They started to construct a world community and Islamic brotherhood)

4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city (One world Governmental empire) and a tower (a tribute to our god like ability), whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name (We are the illuminated ones), lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.
(This is the return of Jesus)

6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one (United as one voice saying the same thing with one goal in mind), and they have all one language (thought); and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. (No moral fiber to restrain them from any evil they imagined)

What some have taken for ignorance and just old stories of no consequence are in fact prophetic teaching tools for those who dare to seek out the richness and fullness of the living God. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it’s the power of God unto salvation, for the Jew first and also the Greek.