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Characteristics  of the God’s

Characteristics  of the God’s

Characteristics        Babylonian     Greek        Roman      astrological sign

"god of justice"         Ninib          Chronos       Saturn      Capricorn - Goat

"lord of wisdom"        Marduk         Zeus        Jupiter     Sagittarius- Archer

"god of war"           Nergal           Ares         Mars         Aries- Ram

"divine scribe"          Nebo           Hermes         Mercury     N/A

"goddess of love"    Ishtar             Aphrodite       Venus        Libra-Scales

I think that I should mention here what is not included in this chart, and that is that this chart also aligns perfectly with the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, and for this reason I have color coated them to coincide with the colors as read in the book of Revelations the black horse I had to highlight in yellow because of the page color of this website..,,,,,,,,,,,
#1 The first Horse the white horse Jupiter/Marduk/Sagittarius the sign of the Archer Nov. 22-Dec. 21

#2 The second Horsemen the red horse, Mars god of war/Aries, Nergal, the Ram also known as Iran March 21-April 19

#3 The third Horseman the black horse Venus/ Libra, the judgment scales as Daniel told King Belshazzar when he read the hand writing from God on the wall; you have been weighted in the balance and found wanton, Sept. 23-Oct 22.

#4 The fourth horseman the Pale horse, Capricorn/the god Ninib, also known as Saturn, the Grim reaper, father time, the keeper of the wheel of time also called the tail eating serpent “The Ouroboros also called the end of the age, the Saturnalia or Suntilla stated to end on Dec. 23 2012 Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and the next largest planet after Jupiter. The sign of Capricorn covers Dec.22-Jan. 19th.

Mul Apin text name          Translation          Greek Zodiac Name

Mul Lu Hung Ga3            The "Hired Man"     Aries (the Ram)

Mul Gud An Na              The "Bull of Heaven"  Taurus (the Bull)

Mul Mash Tab Ba Gal Ga    The "Great Twins"     Gemini (the Twins)

Mul Al Lul                   The "Crab"               Cancer (the Crab)

Mul Ur Gu La                The "Lion"               Leo (the Lion)

Mul Ab Sin                   The "Furrow"           Virgo (the Virgin)

Mul Zi Ba Ni Tum          The "Scales of Heaven"Libra (the Scales)

Mul Gir Tab                     The "Scorpion"            Scorpio (the Scorpion)

Mul Pa Bil Sag                The "Grandfather"          Sagittarius (the Archer)

Mul Suhur Mashû             The "Goat Fish"             Capricorn (the Goat)