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Theology, Science, Archeology, Paleontology, Anthropology, Biology, Genetics, Astronomy, Jet propulsion theory, Thermodynamics, Quantum theory, Physics in general, Electro magnetism, Mechanics, Quantum mechanics, Sociology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine, Mythology, Egyptology, Microbiology, Sono-fusion, Meteorology, Linguistics, Epistemology, Genealogy, Geology, Dimensional reality, String theory, Religions of the world,  History, Music, Time asymmetry, Enthropy, Electrodynamics, and gravity, Dark energy, Dark matter, Neutrinos, Solar Energy, Hunting, Fishing Camping, Football, Shooting, Archery, Martial arts, Sports and all the great outdoors and exploration of God's great creation..


Favorite Music

Country, Rock & Roll, Easy listening, some instrumental, some classical, Jazz, Blues, Christian praise and worship music. I love the piano, classical guitar, Spanish guitar, and love the saxophone and Kenny G” music. I hate most opera.


Favorite Movies

Not a big television fan, too much violence and fake imagery used to form false perceptions and ideas used by those who try to warp the mind and create, false cartoon realities. Much of the evil seen today is caused by the images of Hollywood and their ability to make the strong look weak the weak strong, bad men look good and good men look bad. It is full of perversion violence and all types vile passions that feed into the minds of our children, to whom many don’t understand are the most impressionable during their developmental years and like sponges absorb what they see and react accordingly. Today with the hustle and bustle of trying to make a living many leave our most precious gifts to the vices of Hollywood who will violate without discrimination the minds of our children.


Movies I Want to See

Hollywood tripe created for  egocentric losers who try to form perceptions i.e. make the weak look strong the strong weak good look bad and the bad look good, smoke and mirrors imagery and hog wash. You might as well live in Disneyland. A billion dollar industry, the ignorant support, while inviting the whiles of evil into their house unawares. I venture to say most of our youth form their ideas of life from what they learn from the television or the internet. With today’s technology your child is hit hundreds of times per day with sexually graphic material or ideas in adult situations through sight and sound. If you think that this has no effect ask yourself this question; if this technique does not work why do the advertisers spend billions per year to do surveys and probe the mind to see how consumers will react to their products?


Favorite Books

The Holy Bible, Forbidden Science by J Douglas Kenyon, Tanakh, The Hiram Key by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, The message of the Sphinx by Robert Bauval, The Fantastic inventions of Nikola Tesla, by Nikola Tesla & David Childress, The Hermetic Code in DNA by Michael Hayse, Dark Matters unifying matter Dark matter Dark energy and the universal grid by Dr. Percy Seymour, Poems by William Cowper, The Ancient Greek Historians by J. B. Bury, The witness of the Stars by E. W. Bullinger, E I have an extensive Library of science and History books and continue to search out God's truth in his creation.


Books I Want to Read

Too many to list to date, possibly the new NASA space Data, or the Colliderscope in Copenhagen, is cool too!


Favorite Quotes

Whatever a man thinks so he is, (Jesus Christ quoting the book of Proverbs) People do not understand that we create the world around us, by our actions and words. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (If your heart is good so are your words, but if your heart is bad your words follow). Every rabid dog shows its teeth when it is cornered, by me this is my quote meaning if faced with truth a person who is guilty will anger easily and show their true side.


Favorite Foods

Steak & Salmon, Fruit especially strawberries, watermelon, oranges, crisp apples, cherries, tomatoes, Vegetables I love, broccoli and cauliflower, sweet corn on the cob, squash, celery, carrots, I love spicy hot foods. Love Mexican food when prepared right and have a weakness for KFC a childhood thing!


Favorite Places

Modoc County, California a special place known only by my family. The Mohave Desert, The Oregon Cascades, Colorado Rockies, the Ozarks, Black Hills and the big sky country! The Holy land of Israel, The great outdoors everywhere is my favorite

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