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1/12/2011 05:24:22 pm

It does not seem very gracious for contemporary science to dismiss astrology .

1/29/2011 10:35:59 am

I think that the study of astronomy is an excellent science; I am not a fan of astrology for the fact the bible forbids this practice as we are to rely on God for our daily bread so to speak. It is no secret that many aspects of gravity and such impact our lives from the various planets, and the fact our ocean tides are affected by the moon and such not to mention that we are made up mostly of liquid ourselves.
I believe that the taboo comes because we might tend to look to the stars for our answers to life’s questions instead of looking to God and by doing so we start to worship the created rather than the creator. This being said God told us that he put the stars in place as a sign to us, we just have mostly forgotten how to read them and give God the glory for them.


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