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Gene mapping project offers new clues about humans

By Julie SteenhuysenPosted 2010/10/27 at 1:52 pm EDT

Commontary in red By B. Walker

CHICAGO, Oct. 27, 2010 (Reuters) — Early data from the 1,000 Genomes Project, an international effort to build a detailed map of human genetic variation, is already offering new clues about human disease, including why some people are more severely affected by disease than others. Dr. Evan Eichler of the University of Washington in Seattle and colleagues used findings from the pilot phase of the project to identify subtle differences among people in areas of the genome where DNA sequences are often repeated many times. (I love this stuff! Either these people are truly in the dark, or they are deliberately blind and searching for a needle in the haystack. Let’s see what is really going on here and try to shed some light on a very hard to solve issue. Note where the statement above says that disease is found in DNA sequences are often repeated, why is this? Because if a foreign body is introduced into the genome it will go through many phases to try to breed out the bad material and transfer traits that are healthy for the species to survive. Genetic mutation is the direct introduction of a foreign genome being introduced into the human species i.e. a species like mankind but not compatible genetically because it did not have all the right chromosomes. Genesis 6 when the sons of God (Angels came unto the daughters of men and had children with them this produced a race of Giants known as the Nephilim. Sound crazy? Let’s look at how things work for clarification and how we got to where we are today, and what are two very distinct events called devolution and evolution. For the one you have man who lost his spiritual place with God, and started the downward spiril to death and decay this too started for those of the fallen from a lofty existance to that of genetic mutations that created monsters and giants!.

How Life Works: DNA and Enzymes

 Evolution can be seen in its purest form in the daily evolution of bacteria. If you have read How Cells Work, then you are familiar with the inner workings of the E. coli bacteria, Here's a quick summary to highlight the most important points in How Cells Work:

A bacterium is a small, single-celled organism. In the case of E. coli, the bacteria are about one-hundredth the size of a typical human cell. You can think of the bacteria as a cell wall (think of the cell wall as a tiny plastic bag) filled with various proteins, enzymes and other molecules, plus a long strand of DNA, all floating in water.

Imagine the above illustration as the first man created Adam from the bible, I use this simply to illustrate my point as we move along the process.

•The DNA strand in E. coli (Our Adam) contains about 4 million base pairs, and these base pairs are organized into about 1,000 genes. A gene is simply a template for a protein, and often these proteins are enzymes.

•An enzyme is a protein that speeds up a particular chemical reaction. For example, one of the 1,000 enzymes in an E. coli's DNA might know how to break a maltose molecule (a simple sugar) into its two glucose molecules. That is all that that particular enzyme can do, but that action is important when an E. coli is eating maltose. Once the maltose is broken into glucose, other enzymes act on the glucose molecules to turn them into energy for the cell to use.

•To make an enzyme that it needs, the chemical mechanisms inside an E. coli cell make a copy of a gene from the DNA strand and use this template to form the enzyme. The E. coli might have thousands of copies of some enzymes floating around inside it, and only a few copies of others. The collection of 1,000 or so different types of enzymes floating in the cell makes all of the cell's chemistry possible. This chemistry makes the cell "alive" -- it allows the E. coli to sense food, move around, eat and reproduce. You can see that, in any living cell, DNA helps create enzymes, and enzymes create the chemical reactions that are "life."  Lets take this further into reproduction and see what we learn.

Asexual Reproduction

Bacteria reproduce asexually. This means that, when a bacteria cell splits, both halves of the split are identical -- they contain exactly the same DNA. The offspring is a clone of the parent. Let’s look at our Adam the first man from the book of Genesis for clarification to where this leads us, Gen. 1:1-25 God creates most everything except man. Verse 26 he says let us create man in our image according to our likeness and all was good. It continues on to describe how God had created all things and paradise for man to live in By Genesis 2:18 we find God created woman and how he did it. First let’s look at the fact God created Man in his image i.e. there was no Woman yet. So if God was speaking to the angels they were all male and this is important to remember.

Gen. 2:18 And the Lord God said, it is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him” this is important as well because woman was made compatible to man get this word in your head because we are going to find out why and how. Gen. 2:21 God caused Adam to fall asleep and god took a part of Adam the bible says a rib the Hebrew word used is # 6763 tsela from Strong’s Concordance part of # 6760 tsala and means a rib as curved, lit, a part of the body or figuratively of an object as in a side  of a person. So what does this mean? God took a part of Adam to create woman who was compatible to him because she shared his genetic makeup and filled the other half of him spiritually and mentally. They were cut from the same cloth!  And for this reason shall men leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. Let’s continue now to see what happens here.

As explained higher organisms like plants, insects and animals reproduce sexually, and this process makes the actions of evolution more interesting. Sexual reproduction can create a tremendous amount of variation within a species. For example, if two parents have multiple children, all of the children can be remarkably different. Two brothers can have different hair color, different heights, different blood types and so on. Here's why that happens:

•Instead of a long loop of DNA like a bacterium, cells of plants and animals have chromosomes that hold the DNA strands. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46 chromosomes. Fruit flies have five pairs. Dogs have 39 pairs, and some plants have as many as 100.

•Chromosomes come in pairs. Each chromosome is a tightly packed strand of DNA. There are two strands of DNA joined together at the centromere to form an X-shaped structure. One strand comes from the mother and one from the father keep this in mind as we move along this long train of thought.

•Because there are two strands of DNA, it means that animals have two copies of every gene, rather than one copy as in an E. coli cell but at first this was not so and we will see how this came about.•When a female creates an egg or a male creates a sperm, the two strands of DNA must combine into a single strand. The sperm and egg from the mother and father each contribute one copy of each chromosome. They meet to give the new child two copies of each gene.

•To form the single strand in the sperm or egg, one or the other copy of each gene is randomly chosen. One or the other gene from the pair of genes in each chromosome gets passed on to the child. Imagine that what this did was to reproduce the same beings as Adam and Eve because they were the same flesh, God created Adam, and from him god created Eve who was the other half of Adam so no variations in genetics should have occurred they should have been like the E-coli but something changed this and we will soon see how this worked.

Because of the random nature of gene selection (Not so from the beginning), each child gets a different mix of genes from the DNA of the mother and father. This is why children from the same parents can have so many differences.(We will soon see the truth as to why)

A gene is nothing but a template for creating an enzyme (keep in mind if the original enzyme is all the same this would be almost like a clone of the original). This means that, in any plant or animal, there are actually two templates for every enzyme. In some cases, the two templates are the same (homozygous where we get the word homosexual from), but in many cases the two templates are different (heterozygous where we get the word heterosexual from).

Here is a well-known example from pea plants that helps understand how pairs of genes can interact. Peas can be tall or short. The difference comes, according to Carol Deppe in the book "Breed your own Vegetable Varieties": the synthesis of a plant hormone called gibberellin. The "tall" version of the gene is normally the form that is found in the wild.(Like the Nephilim fallen angels as stated above) The "short" version, in many cases, has a less active form of one of the enzymes involved in the synthesis of the hormone (This would be like Abam or man), so the plants are shorter. We refer to two genes as alleles of each other when they are inherited as alternatives to each other. In molecular terms, alleles are different forms of the same gene this can also be male and female. There can be more than two alleles of a gene in a population of organisms. But any given organism has only two alleles at the most. Shorter plants usually cannot compete with the taller forms in the wild. A short mutant in a patch of tall plants would be shaded out (or over powered by the stronger more dominant variant). That problem isn't relevant when a human plants a patch or field with nothing but short plants (Or let’s say a garden for mankind called Eden). And short plants may be earlier than tall ones, or less subject to lodging (falling over or falling from heaven) in the rain or wind. They also may have a higher proportion of grain to the rest of the plant. So shorter plants can be advantageous as cultivated crops (Or as children of God if raised in the way). Specific mutations or alleles are not good or bad in and of themselves, but only within a certain context. An allele that promotes better growth in hot weather may promote inferior growth in cold weather, for example.

One thing to notice in Deppe's quote is that a mutation in a single gene may have no effect on an organism, or its offspring, or its offspring's offspring. For example, imagine an animal that has two identical copies of a gene in one allele. A mutation changes one of the two genes in a harmful way like disease or malformation mental illness or gigantisms. Assume that a child receives this mutant gene from the father (assume the father is of the same species but genetically different than mankind). The mother contributes a normal gene, so it may have no effect on the child (as in the case of the "short" pea gene). The mutant gene might persist through many generations and never be noticed until, at some point, both parents of a child contribute a copy of the mutant gene. At that point, taking the example from Deppe's quote, you might get a short pea plant because the plant does not form the normal amount of gibberellin.

Another thing to notice is that many different forms of a gene can be floating around in a species. The combination of all of the versions of all of the genes in a species is called the gene pool of the species and this started with the introduction of the fallen angel DNA into the pool of mankind Adam, this also started what we now know to be Evolution. The gene pool increases when a mutation changes a gene and the mutation survives. The gene pool decreases when a gene dies out.

When Adam and Eve fell from grace at the Garden of Eden this started the Devolution of mankind we went from calm to chaos our physical self as well as our spiritual self started to decay and we become feeble in thought mind and body this was the product of Satan and genetic tampering. But God still had a master plan that could not be over powered by the whiles of the devil and that plan starts in Gen 3:14 after Satan beguiled Eve in every conceivable way here is what God said.

Genesis 3:14-17 (King James Version)

 14And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this (Beguiled Eve sexually), thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field(Your genetic are damned); upon thy belly shalt thou go (The devolution of the Angels this created dinosaurs), and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:

15And I will put enmity (Hate or strife) between thee and the woman, and between thy seed (Satans children) and her seed (those children of Adam or earthly man); it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

 16Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

17And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife(You were weak), and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it(Do no genetic crossing): cursed is the ground for thy sake (the garden turned from a place of everything pleasant to a place of thorns thistles, sticker bushes and poison oak and ivy animals that were meant to eat grass have now become meat eaters the same with man); in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; Satan not only beguiled Eve physically but he taught her how to mix genetics both in animals and in plants and everything else this is what caused evolution.

One of the simplest examples of evolution can be witnessed in an E. coli cell. To get a better grip on the process, we'll take a look at what happens in this cell.

The Simplest Example of Evolution we will revisit the E-coli for simplicity and example because it best illustrates my point for this fantastic understanding and clarification for this scientific article.

The process of evolution acts on an E. coli cell by creating a mutation in the DNA. It is not uncommon for the DNA strand in an E. coli bacterium to get corrupted. An X-ray, a cosmic ray or a stray chemical reaction can change or damage the DNA strand. In most cases, a particular E. coli cell with mutated DNA will either die, fix the damage in the strand or fail to reproduce. In other words, most mutations go

nowhere. But every so often, a mutation will actually survive and the cell will reproduce. Imagine, for example, a bunch of identical E. coli cells (Adam and Eve) that are living in a petri dish (The Garden of Eden or even earth). With plenty of food and the right temperature, they can double every 20 minutes (Or 9 months). That is, each E. coli cell (man and woman) can duplicate its DNA strand and split into two new cells in 20 minutes (9 months).

Now, imagine that someone pours an antibiotic (DNA strand)into the petri dish (Or let’s say adds a foreign DNA strand). Many antibiotics (Or DNA)kill bacteria by gumming up one of the enzymes that the bacteria (Man) needs to live. For example, one common antibiotic (Or DNA) gums up the enzyme process that builds the cell wall. Without the ability to add to the cell wall, the bacteria cannot reproduce, and eventually they die (Or let’s say start the devolution process of death). When the antibiotic (DNA) enters the dish (Or Pollutes the earth), all of the bacteria should die. But imagine that, among the many millions of bacteria living in the dish (Or shall we say mankind), one of them acquires a mutation that makes its cell-wall-building enzyme different from the norm. Because of the difference, the antibiotic molecule (Or DNA) does not attach properly to the enzyme, and therefore does not affect it. That one E. coli cell (Or man) will survive, and since all of its neighbors are dead, it can reproduce and take over the petri dish (or garden earth). There is now a strain of E. coli that is immune to that particular antibiotic (or DNA strand).

In this example, you can see evolution at work. A random DNA mutation created an E. coli cell (Or Man) that is unique. The cell is unaffected by the antibiotic (or DNA) that kills all of its neighbors. This unique cell, in the environment of that petri dish (or Garden), is able to survive. E. coli are about as simple as living organisms can get, and because they reproduce so rapidly you can actually see evolution's effects on a normal time scale. In the past several decades, many different types of bacteria have become immune to antibiotics. In a similar way, insects become immune to insecticides because they breed so quickly. For example, DDT-resistant mosquitoes evolved from normal mosquitoes.

In most cases, evolution is a much slower process. As mentioned above, many things can cause a DNA mutation, including: X-rays -Cosmic rays-Nuclear radiation -Random chemical reactions in the cell such as foreign bodies. 

 Therefore, mutations are now fairly common. Mutations happen at a steady rate in population, but the location and type of every mutation is completely random because of the introduction of some outside influence. 

 According to Carl Sagan in "The Dragons of Eden":

Large organisms such as human beings average about one mutation per ten gametes [a gamete is a sex cell, either sperm or egg] -- that is, there is a 10 percent chance that any given sperm or egg cell produced will have a new and inheritable change in the genetic instructions that make up the next generation. These mutations occur at random and are almost uniformly harmful remember the example I gave above! -- it is rare that a precision machine is improved by a random change in the instructions for making it. God made no mistakes in his creation; it was Satan and his handy work that started the mutation process with an eye on the destruction of mankind in mind.


According to "Molecular Biology of the Cell":

Only about one nucleotide pair in a thousand is randomly changed every 200,000 years. Even so, in a population of 10,000 individuals, every possible nucleotide substitution will have been "tried out" on about 50 occasions in the course of a million years, in other words we will go through every conceivable genetic stage to try to rid ourselves of the foreign DNA that is causing the defects and leaving us as a species defective.) which is a short span of time in relation to the evolution of species. Much of the variation created in this way will be disadvantageous to the organism and will be selected against in the population. Science tells us that any organism that cannot reproduce its self is a mutant and this is also true of the homosexual population at large. If left as the prominent species mankind would die out because of the lack of reproduction. Notice above where I have highlighted in yellow the 10% chance is also the numbers of the homosexual population ratio. When a rare variant sequence is advantageous, however, it will be rapidly propagated by natural selection. Consequently, it can be expected that in any given species the functions of most genes will have been optimized by random point mutation and selection.  

According to the book "Evolution," by Ruth Moore, it is possible to speed up mutations with radiation: So Muller put hundreds of fruit flies in gelatin capsules and bombarded them with X-rays. The irradiated flies were then bred to untreated ones. In 10 days thousands of their offspring were buzzing around their banana-mash feed, and Muller was looking upon an unprecedented outburst of man-made mutations. The next point coming is nothing less than amazing in that you can see that we as a species follow the rules as laid out in the evolutionary process, but what is more amazing than all of this is that one again the bible the book that many claim to be unscientific had it right from the beginning and stated it plainly for all to see, so let’s see what happens to the flies in their mutations shall we. There were flies with bulging eyes, flat eyes, purple, yellow and brown eyes. Some had curly bristles, some no bristles... So now we see why we are not all alike or even the same color! There is no such thing as color only mutations brought about by the introduction of foreign angelic DNA that was put here to try to pollute and kill off the species called mankind.

Mutations fuel the process of evolution by providing new genes in the gene pool of a species. Then, natural selection takes over. So what do we learn here? What Satan had used to try to destroy us, God has used to our benefit as we mutate we gain our lost knowledge and spiritual standing on our way to the reconciliation of our lofty place to be with our creator in the garden he first created for us. Remember this verse; All things work to the good, for those who love God! As we near the end of the age you are about to see the collision of two worlds! One the spiritual with the physical and God himself will correct that which was corrupted and lost.

As you saw mutations are a random and constant process now since the corruption. As mutations occur, natural selection decides which mutations will live on and which ones will die out. If the mutation is harmful, the mutated organism has a much decreased chance of surviving and reproducing you will note that this is found in ways such as homosexuality has a very high rate of suicide, drug abuse and harmful behaviors and high mental disorders. If the mutation is beneficial, the mutated organism survives to reproduce, and the mutation gets passed on to its offspring. In this way, natural selection guides the evolutionary process to incorporate only the good mutations into the species, and expunge the bad mutations.

The book "Extinct Humans," by Ian Tattersall and Jeffrey Schwartz, puts it this way: every generation, many more individuals are produced than ever survive to maturity and to reproduce themselves. Those that succeed -- the "fittest" -- carry heritable features that not only promote their own survival but are also passed along preferentially to their offspring. In this view, natural selection is no more than the sum of all those factors that act to promote the reproductive success of some individuals (and its lack in others). Add the dimension of time, and over the generation’s natural selection will act to change the complexion of each evolving lineage, as advantageous variations become common in the population at the expense of those less advantageous .Lets spell this out clearly we are returning in all species to that which God had originally created those species that have died out are likely those made or caused by genetic mutation or experimentation.

Let’s take another look at this fallen angel thing again so that the many will see exactly what I mean and how this works out in the big picture shall we?

Creating a New Species

Imagine that you take a group of Saint Bernards (Fallen angels) and put them on one island, and on another island you put a group of Chihuahuas (Mankind). Saint Bernards and Chihuahuas are both members of the species "dog" right now -- a Saint Bernard can mate with a Chihuahua (probably through artificial insemination) and create normal puppies. They will be odd-looking puppies, but normal puppies nonetheless.(remember the flies we talked about above, think about having giant offspring some with six fingers and toes, or double rows of teeth)

Given enough time, it is possible to see how speciation the development of a new species through evolution could occur among the Saint Bernards (Fallen angels)and the Chihuahuas (Mankind) on their respective islands. What would happen is that the Saint Bernard (Angelic) gene pool would acquire random mutations shared by all of the Saint Bernards (Angels) on the island (through interbreeding), and the Chihuahuas (Mankind) would acquire a completely different set of random mutations shared by all of the Chihuahuas (Mankind) on their island. These two gene pools would eventually become incompatible with one another, to the point where the two breeds could no longer interbreed. At that point, you have two distinct species. Let’s look at a bible quote here that comes to mind from the book of Daniel and see if God knew this would happen.

Daniel 2:43-44 (King James Version)
43And whereas thou sawest iron (The angels) mixed with miry clay(Mankind made from dust), they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

I don’t know how much clearer this can be made if you don’t get it by now you never will! Lets continue……………….

 Because of the huge size difference between a Saint Bernard (Angels) and a Chihuahua(Humankind), it would be possible to put both types of dogs on the same island and have the exact same process occur, but not if the mutation process was never started in the first place. The Saint Bernards would naturally breed with only the Saint Bernards and the Chihuahuas would naturally breed with only the Chihuahuas, so speciation would not still occur if the inner breeding had never happened we would not have evolution from the time of the garden. did you catch that?

If you put two groups of Chihuahuas on two separate islands, the process would also occur because of the mutation process, but had things been like at the time of the garden this would not be so. The two groups of Chihuahuas would accumulate from the same gene pool as the original of the species and just replacate after that pattern, but because of crossing genetics, the mutation produced different collections of mutations in their gene pools and eventually become different species that could not interbreed.

The theory of evolution proposes that the process that might create a separate Chihuahua-type species and Saint Bernard-type species is the same process that has created all of the species we see today. When a species gets split into two (or more) distinct subsets, for example by a mountain range, an ocean or a size difference, the subsets pick up different mutations, create different gene pools and eventually form distinct species. But once again this was not the way it was from the beginning in God's creation but the biproduct of an evil plan to ruin God perfect world. 

Is this truly how all of the different species we see today have formed? Most people agree that bacteria evolve in small ways (microevolution), but there is some controversy around the idea of speciation (macroevolution). Let's take a look at where the controversy comes from.

Holes in the Theory. The theory of evolution is just that -- a theory. According to "The American Heritage Dictionary," a theory is:

A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena.

Evolution is a set of principles that tries to explain how life, in all its various forms, appeared on Earth. The theory of evolution succeeds in explaining why we see bacteria and mosquitoes becoming resistant to antibiotics and insecticides. It also successfully predicted, for example, that X-ray exposure would lead to thousands of mutations in fruit flies. What is left out of this theory is the truth or as some see it the fly in the ointment and that is the contamination effect of the Angelic DNA. Keep in mind if you don’t have all the facts you cannot come to the most logical conclusion and this is where evolution and its starting point is at fault. I have offered, or should I state the Bible clearly states where why and how this process started.

Many theories are works in progress, and evolution is one of them. There are several big questions that the theory of evolution cannot answer

right now. This is not unusual. Newtonian physics worked really well for hundreds of years, and it still works well today for many types of problems. However, it does not explain lots of things that were eventually answered by Einstein and his theories of relativity. People create new theories and modify existing ones to explain the unexplained. In answering the open questions that still remain unsolved, the theory of evolution will either become complete or it will be replaced by a new theory that better explains the phenomena we see in nature. That is how the scientific process works. God has given us the answer that mankind has been too blind to see I have just offered up God word and the guarantee of how this process has happened it is up to science to catch up to God not the other way around things. Lets continue with the news article below in blue.


"I believe this is where we will make huge inroads in understanding the genetic basis of human disease," Eichler said.

His findings were released online on Wednesday in the journal Science to coincide with publication in Nature of the first data from the 1000 Genomes Project -- a public-private effort that aims to map to sequence and compare the genomes of 2,500 people from several different regions of the globe.

The data is expected to offer researchers a new set of tools to help understand the genetic causes of disease.

Eichler said differences in DNA sequences, known as copy number variation, have traditionally been difficult to compare, but they may explain why some people have certain diseases but not others.

And they may also explain why some people are more severely affected by disease than others.

Duplications of segments of the genome appear to have led to many of the qualities that distinguish human beings from other primate species, Eichler told a press briefing.

And they also may be linked with diseases like schizophrenia and autism, he said.


The findings are possible because of advances in machines that sequence genetic information made by companies such as Illumina and Roche.

These are allowing researchers to make rapid gains in their understanding of all of the different variations in human genes, researchers from the 1000 Genomes Project team said on Wednesday.

"Already, just in the pilot phase, we've identified over 15 million genetic differences by looking at 179 people. Over half of those differences haven't been seen before," said Dr. Richard Durbin, group leader of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and co-chair of the 1000 Genomes Project.

"This is the largest catalog of its kind, and having it in the public domain will help maximize the efficiency of human genetics research," Durbin told a news briefing.

The pilot includes data from more than 800 people, highlighting around 16 million variations in the genetic code that were previously unknown.

Durbin said researchers now know 95 percent of the genetic variants in any individual, which will help as teams try to assess the genetic causes of both rare and common genetic diseases.

The team found that each individual carries a significant number of potentially dangerous genetic mutations, with maybe 250 to 300 genes that have defective copies.

And they said the new map will allow researchers to look at the effects of recent evolution on the human genome

Like I said they ignorance of man needs to catch up to the mind of God I hope that the scientific community can finally accept that god said it from the beginning. The bible is not only a historic document and a spiritual guide it is a scientific marvel that you need to read with an open mind and a quest for truth. I hope that all who read this are blessed with the understanding that not only is God’s word the truth but that he left us proof to it!