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Everyone has a set of chromosomes, each containing two halves, one from each parent, and each containing a complete set of gene,(Remember Adam and Eve in the bible Genesis 1:26 god created man in God’s image ie male and in Genesis 2:22 God created woman out of man, it says she was compatible to him, why? Because God took a part of Adam, and created Eve. Note they are created from the same species and genetic material.)

 So that each chromosome has two copies of every gene. The "dominant" gene is the one that is expressed, such as for brown eyes. A "recessive" gene produces a particular trait -- for instance, for blue eyes -- only if its effects are not over-ridden by those of a dominant gene. Genes are normally transmitted unchanged from one generation to the next, but sometimes a mutation occurs:(This mutation happened because of the fall of the angels and crossed bred with mankind) the structure of the gene is changed. Genetic engineers study these mutations in hopes that it may one day be possible to correct errors in genetic coding that are responsible for specific diseases or disorders.(the reason for this is because the Angels when created were only male and were never intended to mate they carried only the male genetics where Eve was taken from man to be compatible to man. The male of the human species carries the X and Y chromosomes and females carry the XX, this makes the yin to the yang so to speak, as you have the equal halves to the same cell as in Adam and Eve. Now think what would be the outcome of a foreign body that was not a XY chromosome but was pure YY i.e. not female compatible)

Let’s see what is really going on in the above statement? Note disease found in DNA sequences are often repeated, why is this? Because if a foreign body is introduced into the genome it will go through many phases to try to breed out the bad material and transfer traits that are healthy and beneficial for the species to survive. Genetic mutation is the direct introduction of a foreign genome being introduced into the human species i.e. a species like mankind but not compatible genetically because it did not have all the right chromosomes. Genesis 6 when the sons of God (Angels came unto the daughters of men and had children with them this produced a race of Giants known as the Nephilim. Sound crazy? Let’s look at how things work for clarification and how we got to where we are today!.

How Life Works: DNA and Enzymes

Evolution can be seen in its purest form in the daily evolution of bacteria. If you have read How Cells Work, then you are familiar with the inner workings of the E. coli bacteria, Here's a quick summary to highlight the most important points in How Cells Work:

A bacterium is a small, single-celled organism. In the case of E. coli, the bacteria are about one-hundredth the size of a typical human cell. You can think of the bacteria as a cell wall (think of the cell wall as a tiny plastic bag) filled with various proteins, enzymes and other molecules, plus a long strand of DNA, all floating in water.

Imagine the above illustration as the first man created Adam from the bible, I use this simply to illustrate my point as we move along the process.

•The DNA strand in E. coli (Our Adam) contains about 4 million base pairs, and these base pairs are organized into about 1,000 genes. A gene is simply a template for a protein, and often these proteins are enzymes.

•An enzyme is a protein that speeds up a particular chemical reaction. For example, one of the 1,000 enzymes in an E. coli's DNA might know how to break a maltose molecule (a simple sugar) into its two glucose molecules. That is all that, that particular enzyme can do, but that action is important when an E. coli is eating maltose. Once the maltose is broken into glucose, other enzymes act on the glucose molecules to turn them into energy for the cell to use.

•To make an enzyme that it needs, the chemical mechanisms inside an E. coli cell make a copy of a gene from the DNA strand and use this template to form the enzyme. The E. coli might have thousands of copies of some enzymes floating around inside it, and only a few copies of others. The collection of 1,000 or so different types of enzymes floating in the cell makes all of the cell's chemistry possible. This chemistry makes the cell "alive" -- it allows the E. coli to sense food, move around, eat and reproduce. You can see that, in any living cell, DNA helps create enzymes, and enzymes create the chemical reactions that are "life."

One of the simplest examples to show how evolution got started and explain the implications of this angelic DNA, can be witnessed in an E. coli cell. To get a better grip on the process, we'll take a look at what happens in this cell.

I revisit the E-coli for simplicity and example because it best illustrates my point for this fantastic understanding and clarification for this scientific article.

The process of evolution acts on an E. coli cell by creating a mutation in the DNA. It is not uncommon for the DNA strand in an E. coli bacterium to get corrupted. An X-ray, a cosmic ray or a stray chemical reaction can change or damage the DNA strand. In most cases, a particular E. coli cell with mutated DNA will either die, fix the damage in the strand or fail to reproduce. In other words, most mutations go

nowhere. But every so often, a mutation will actually survive and the cell will reproduce. Imagine, for example, a bunch of identical E. coli cells (Adam and Eve) that are living in a petri dish (The Garden of Eden or even earth). With plenty of food and the right temperature, they can double every 20 minutes (Or 9 months). That is, each E. coli cell (man and woman) can duplicate its DNA strand and split into two new cells in 20 minutes (9 months).

Now, imagine that someone pours an antibiotic (angelic DNA strand)into the petri dish (Or let’s say adds a foreign DNA strand). Many antibiotics (Or DNA) kill bacteria by gumming up one of the enzymes that the bacteria (Man) needs to live. For example, one common antibiotic (Or DNA) gums up the enzyme process that builds the cell wall. Without the ability to add to the cell wall, the bacteria cannot reproduce, and eventually they die (Or let’s say start the devolution process of death). When the antibiotic (Angelic DNA) enters the dish (Or Pollutes the earth), all of the bacteria should die. But imagine that, among the many millions of bacteria living in the dish (Or shall we say mankind), one of them acquires a mutation that makes its cell-wall-building enzyme different from the norm. Because of the difference, the antibiotic molecule (Or DNA) does not attach properly to the enzyme, and therefore does not affect it(We will call this one Noah). That one E. coli cell (Or Noah) will survive, and since all of its neighbors are dead, it can reproduce and take over the petri dish (or garden= earth). There is now a strain of E. coli that is immune to that particular antibiotic (or angelic DNA strand).

In this example, you can see evolution at work. A random DNA mutation created an E. coli cell (Or Man) that is unique. The cell is unaffected by the antibiotic (or angelic DNA) that kills all of its neighbors. This unique cell, in the environment of that petri dish (or Garden= Earth), is able to survive. E. coli are about as simple as living organisms can get, and because they reproduce so rapidly you can actually see evolution's effects on a normal time scale. In the past several decades, many different types of bacteria have become immune to antibiotics. In a similar way, insects become immune to insecticides because they breed so quickly. For example, DDT-resistant mosquitoes evolved from normal mosquitoes. In most cases, evolution is a much slower process. As mentioned above, many things can cause a DNA mutation, including: X-rays -Cosmic rays-Nuclear radiation -Random chemical reactions in the cell such as foreign bodies. Therefore, mutations are now fairly common now because of the events taken place early on in our history. Mutations happen at a steady rate in population, but the location and type of every mutation is completely random because of the introduction of some ancient outside influence.

Let’s take this further into reproduction and see what we learn.

Asexual Reproduction

Bacteria reproduce asexually. This means that, when a bacteria cell splits, both halves of the split are identical -- they contain exactly the same DNA. The offspring is a clone of the parent. Let’s look at our Adam the first man from the book of Genesis for clarification to where this leads us, Gen. 1:1-25 God creates most everything except man. Verse 26 he says let us create man in our image according to our likeness and all was good. It continues on to describe how God had created all things and paradise for man to live in By Genesis 2:18 we find God created woman and how he did it. First let’s look at the fact God created Man in his image i.e. there was no Woman yet. So if God was speaking to the angels they were all male and this is important to remember.

Gen. 2:18 And the Lord God said, it is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him” this is important as well because woman was made compatible to man get this word in your head because we are going to find out why and how. Gen. 2:21 God caused Adam to fall asleep and god took a part of Adam the bible says a rib the Hebrew word used is # 6763 tsela from Strong’s Concordance part of # 6760 tsala and means a rib as curved, lit, a part of the body or figuratively of an object as in a side  of a person. So what does this mean? God took a part of Adam to create woman who was compatible to him because she shared his genetic makeup and filled the other half of him spiritually and mentally. They were cut from the same cloth!  And for this reason shall men leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. Let’s continue now to see what happens here.

Since the introduction of this foreign genetic material sexual reproduction can create a tremendous amount of variation within a species. For example, if two parents have multiple children, all of the children can be remarkably different. Two brothers can have different hair color, different heights, different blood types and so on. Here's why that happens:

•Instead of a long loop of DNA like a bacterium, cells of plants and animals have chromosomes that hold the DNA strands. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46 chromosomes. Fruit flies have five pairs. Dogs have 39 pairs, and some plants have as many as 100.

•Chromosomes come in pairs. Each chromosome is a tightly packed strand of DNA. There are two strands of DNA joined together at the centromere to form an X-shaped structure. One strand comes from the mother and one from the father keep this in mind as we move along this long train of thought.

•Because there are two strands of DNA, it means that animals have two copies of every gene, rather than one copy as in an E. coli cell but at first this was not so and we will saw how this came about.•When a female creates an egg or a male creates a sperm, the two strands of DNA must combine into a single strand. The sperm and egg from the mother and father each contribute one copy of each chromosome. They meet to give the new child two copies of each gene.

•To form the single strand in the sperm or egg, one or the other copy of each gene is randomly chosen. One or the other gene from the pair of genes in each chromosome gets passed on to the child. Imagine that what this did was to reproduce the same beings as Adam and Eve because they were the same flesh, God created Adam, and from him god created Eve who was the other half of Adam so no variations in genetics should have occurred they should have been like the E-coli but something changed this and we just saw how this worked.

Because of the evolutionary nature of gene selection (Not so from the beginning), each child gets a different mix of genes from the DNA of the mother and father be it Adam, or Angelic. This is why children from the same parents can have so many differences.

A gene is nothing but a template for creating an enzyme (keep in mind if the original enzyme is all the same this would be almost like a clone of the original). This means that, in any plant or animal, there are actually two templates for every enzyme. In some cases, the two templates are the same (homozygous where we get the word homosexual from), but in many cases the two templates are different (heterozygous where we get the word heterosexual from). The mixing of these genes, (Angelic with mankind) is what even created homosexuality.