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Is there really a spiritual world we can’t see?

By B Walker

Is there really a spiritual world that we can’t see?  Do ghosts exist? How do we know such things are true?

This is a topic many don’t like to speak of in the scientific world because it does not meet Bacons scientific materialist priori assumption, so let’s see just what that means so we are all on the same page here.

A scientific materialist believes matter is the only truth, that everything in the universe, including consciousness, can be explained in terms of physical laws only there is no transcendent cause, no purpose, no meaning to life you live you die that’s it. In short, our thoughts, feelings, inspirations, identity, the universe itself, are merely highly evolved chemical reactions to outside stimuli. The soul, of course, does not exist to the scientific materialist, no awareness beyond the brain, nor anything vaguely spiritual in nature, acceptance of which they disparagingly refer to as superstition or other hubbub.

The cynicism is extended to any area that challenges the prevailing academic view of the world and how things work, including theories of advanced lost civilizations, alternative medicine and the paranormal, anything remotely contradictory to their prevailing views. The theory advanced by Boston University's Robert Schoch and author John Anthony West, for instance, the Sphinx may be far older than previously thought, as evidenced by water erosion,  this thought meets with a hail of criticism because those who are locked into a closed mindset cannot fathom the thought that just maybe academia is wrong and we need to reevaluate what we think we know, not necessarily on scientific grounds but because the implications challenge the prevailing assumptions about pre-history. From consciousness-based reality to theories about advanced lost civilizations, paradigms that force a reevaluation of our origins, it's all hogwash. All evidence to the contrary, they deem to be fraud or flawed, violating the cardinal rule of Bacon's method by making A Priori assumptions, all the while claiming the highest standard of intellectual purity.

The problems on their side that seem to get over looked is that any scientific theory what postulates how things work that cannot be observed in action is also subject and according to these rules tossed out until proven. Now if we did this with all mainstream science imagine where we would be today! The fact is you can’t have it both ways, well thought out theories is where most science gets its start, in fact Charles Darwin in this theory of evolution had very few fossils to back up his claim of how the evolution of species worked but believed that through time his theory would be reconciled.

If you believe in the paranormal, or life after death, you better watch out! The PSI COPS, might show up at your door, members of the Committee for Scientific Investigation and research. Claims of the Paranormal, or anything to the contrary of mainstream science, is likely to draw their attention. These skeptics spend a lot of time and energy debunking anything scientifically off-beat or extra-sensory in nature. They work tirelessly, trying to enforce the unenforceable law that says no phenomena can exist beyond the notion of a purely physically based reality, PSI being the nickname scientists use for extra-sensory phenomena; hence, PSI COPS. And they have their hands full these days, what with all those best-sellers about near-death experiences, angels and lost civilizations, UFO’s books about the universe having conscious origins, the new consciousness-based physics, has Chairman Paul Kurtz in a quandary too. At a recent skeptic’s conference in New York City, he stated that post modernists (the new physics movement those with intellects beyond the mainstream) deny absolute scientific knowledge is possible, the result being an erosion of the cognitive process, which may undermine democracy and the world may end at any time because these modern thinkers!. Sounds awfully serious to civilization, or at least in their minds!

Recognizing the paranormal, according to Kurtz, questions the prevailing scientific world view, and that's just too scary for his PSI COPS to think about. At a CSICOP meeting featuring Harvard's John Mack, a renowned psychiatrist who researches claims of alien abductions, the debate took on an inquisitional tone. To Mack's surprise, a skeptic announced she had infiltrated his pool of abductees, being a good PSI COP that she was, the idea being that Mack's acceptance of her charade diminished his credibility. Mack took a lot of heat that day, and it was surely embarrassing to say the least. But he questioned the PSI COPS vehemence and dogma; reminding them that other cultures have always known about other realities, other beings, other dimensions such as the Dogon people and their ancient traditions, speak of other worldly beings and have advanced knowledge of the stars and physics. Others cultures known, state that these beings can cross over into our own world. Doing so, Mack irked the skeptics even more. Paul Kurtz later decried, if we allow Mack's suggestion, then we have to allow for angels and past lives. Where does it all stop?

Reincarnation, astrology, and spirituality have no place in the debunkers world view, likewise homeopathy and Linus Pauling, and the list goes on and on. Even conspiracy theories about the assassination of JFK frazzle a debunker's sensibilities. As champions of Francis Bacon's scientific method, a system of drawing conclusions from observable fact, rather than from assumption, these skeptics present themselves as priests of pure science. But it turns out they practice what they condemn most, a belief system, known as scientific materialism, the doctrine to which Bacon's method devolves when scientists trade free thought and inquiry for the dogma of absolute materialism.

Let’s take a look at what scripture has to say about ghosts and I will add some science to this as well. Are spirits spoken of in the Bible? Yes and in fact one account that instantly comes to mind is the story of the witch of Endor when Samuel the prophet had died and Saul the King,  over the children of Israel went to the witch or Medium and asked her to raise Samuel so that he could consult him as they were getting ready to battle the Philistines and he was afraid, He tried prayer and the Urim as well as the prophets but God would not reply, and Saul felt that the spirit of God had left him 1st Samuel 28:3-25 the witch did in fact make contact by séance with the spirit of Samuel who was not happy with this contact as for one it was taboo to do, and for another Samuel had told Saul the spirit of the Lord left him so Samuel tells Saul that tomorrow you and your sons will be with me and David would rule in his place. Now King Saul had asked the woman what she saw and she states; I saw gods ascending out of the earth and Saul asked; What form is he of and the witch replied; in the form of an old man.

Now the word for gods here is Elohiym and is the plural of #433 in Strong’s concordance this particular number is #430 meaning gods in the ordinary sense but specifically used in the plural angels or a spirit being as this is the same word used many times for the plural when speaking of the sons of God meaning the spirit being angels, and we know that Samuel was dead. Other places in the bible that speaks of those who deal with familiar spirits like the witch of Endor are found in Lev 20:27, 1st Chron. 10:13, 2nd Chron. 33:6, Isaiah 29:4, 8:19, 19:3, Lev. 19:31, 20:6, Deut, 18:11, 2nd Kings 21:6, 23:24, These versus deal with those who call up spirits and are said to be an abomination to the Lord and worthy of death, these are those who are mediums, witches, wizards, necromancers, charmers, those who consult with familiar spirits, and use enchantments.

 While we are dealing with the subject of spirits or ghosts, I want to address the story of Jesus walking on the water Matthew 14:13-33. After Jesus fed the five thousand with five loaves and two fish he sent the disciples away on a boat where they expected Jesus to follow after he disburse the crowd he went to pray on the mount and the disciples found themselves in the middle of the sea and the weather became contrary and began to toss them about, Jesus walks on the sea and when the disciples see him they are afraid and say; it is a spirit; and they cried out in fear! The word used here for spirit is # 5326 phantasma; meaning a spectre or spirit ghost, used only once in the case for the word spirit or ghost in the New Testament.

Keep in mind that this word above for spirit is not the same as used elsewhere in the New Testament for spirits or spirit this word is # 4151 pneuma taken from #4154 pneo meaning a current of air i.e. to breathe or a blast of air by analysis a spirit i.e. human the rational soul or mental disposition or superhuman as an angel or daemon, or divine spirit mind you, this word meaning as a being unseen or invisible having no body or mass like air. Keep in mind that when the disciples saw Jesus and the operative word is saw they called him a spectre or apparition as a visible being ghost.

In the Old Testament the word for spirit was # 7307 in Hebrew ruwach and means to breathe by resemblance i.e. sensible or even violent exhalation figuratively life, anger, unsubstantially, resemblance spirit, but only rational being a tempest or whirlwind, again this is used for a spirit without a body and usually relates to God in the Old Testament, a couple of times in the book of Daniel another word for spirit is used but it relates to the mind and is # 7308 the Hebrew word meaning mind.

Only two places in the Old Testament do we find another Hebrew word for spirit used and that is # 5397 the word is neshamah meaning a puff of air i.e. angry wind or vital breath, divine inspiration, intellect, an animal, soul or spirit. And it is used in Job 26:4 and Prov. 20:27. Let’s deal with Job 26:4 first Job is giving a rebuttal to his friends who have condemned him, and given him no comfort, and to them he asks; To whom hast thou uttered words? And whose Spirit (Soul) came from thee? So we see this is a deliberate use of soul as a spirit.

Proverbs 20:27, the spirit (Soul) of man is the candle (Light) of the Lord, searching the inward parts of the belly. So again we see this means the soul as in the literal form. So now we see in the Old Testament when we are dealing with spirit it usually is dealing with the #7307 and not ghosts when dealing with familiar spirits the word used is that # 178 and that is only 14 times in the Old Testament. And is the act of those who call up the dead as the witch of Endor did with Samuel, and the lord God condemns this action and states that those who do such are worthy of death, and calls this an abomination.

Only four times does the bible mention devils in the Old Testament they are in Lev. 17:7, Deut. 32:17, 2nd Chron. 11:15, Psalms 106:37 the Hebrew word  used for devils in Lev. And in 2nd Chron is the same word and is # 8163 sayir meaning a he goat, a faun, devil, hairy, kid, a satyr taken from the root of #8175 saar to storm, to shiver, fear horribly, take away, I note here that when you read these two verses they relate to the sacrifice to the images of he goats or the satyr.

We go to Deut. 32:17 and Psalms 106:37 and the Hebrew word used here is # 7700 shed from #7736 shuwd a daemon as malignant devil also to swell up, by implied of insolence to devastate or waste. These two verses deal with sacrifice to new or strange gods in Deut the rams of the breed of Bashan are named, and king Og was the ruler who was also a Nephilim or child of the fallen, and in Psalms they are mentioned as the gods of Canaan. So who were the gods of Canaan?

Gods of Canaan as Described by the Ugarit Tablets

The Canaanite culture originated around the same time as the Babylonian culture, and out of the chaos surrounding the Semitic Amorite invasion and infiltration of Sumeria beginning around 2,200 BC. By the time cultural stability was restored around 1800 BC the Babylonians existed in Mesopotamia while the Canaanites (Phoenicians) existed along the Mediterranean. Tablets describing the Canaanite gods including BAAL were found in the ruins of the Canaanite city of Ugarit (also believed to be Ras Shamra) located on the modern coast of Lebanon. These tablets were dictated by the chief priest of Ugarit to a scribe between 1375 and 1345 BC. The city itself was destroyed around 1200 BC by the Sea Peoples at nearly the same time that the Israelites emerged into history.

DAGON is the father of BAAL indicating that DAGON is the Canaanite equivalent to the Sumerian moon god SUEN. The first reference to the worship of the god DAGON is found in the inscriptions of Sargon of Akkad (a Semitic kingdom) dating to 2,200 BC and located in the middle Mesopotamian region around the city of Mari. Consequently, the god DAGON originated out of the northern Semitic tradition and not out of the Sumerian tradition. The Bible reports that the at least some

Philistines adopted DAGON as one of their gods in the cities of Ashdod, Beth-shan, and perhaps Gaza.

The Semitic root of DAGON is "dgn" meaning grain. Interestingly the wife of the Sumerian god ENLIL (the father of SUEN) was NINLIL (also called SUD), the goddess of grain. The Semitic tradition apparently transferred the power of grain growth from the wife of ENLIL to his son. A possible reason for this switch may be related to the harvest moon tradition of the northern hemisphere in which the full moon at harvest time seems especially bright. DAGON is mentioned in the Bible as follows:

Judges 16:23: Now the lords of the Philistines gathered to offer a great sacrifice to their god DAGON, and to rejoice; for they said, "Our god has given Samson our enemy into our hand."

1 Samuel 5:1-3: When the Philistines captured the ark of God, they brought it from Ebenezer to Ashdod; then the Philistines took the ark of God and brought it into the house of DAGON and placed it beside DAGON. When the people of Ashdod rose early the next day, there was DAGON, fallen on his face to the ground before the ark of the YAHWEH. So they took DAGON and put him back in his place.

1 Chronicles 10:10: They (the Philistines) put his (King Saul's) armor in the temple of their gods, and fastened his head in the temple of DAGON. This worship also leads into the god Marduk but I will not cover this here.

Now we have established that there are spirits that can be seen known as ghosts and there are those who are not seen called demons these are spirits that wonder around and are blown about like the wind. Another type of demon are those who possess the body and we have all read the stories of Jesus casting these unclean spirits out of those who were taken over so we know that according to the bible there is a spiritual realm that exists beyond this plane of existence, and I could go on for another 30 pages quoting scripture and case after case, but what does science tell us of the possibility of a spiritual unseen world? I can state the many cases of near death and clinical death stories but they are not accepted as actual science so what proof do we have of an unseen spiritual existence aside from the biblical accounts?

Because you cannot see it does not mean it does not exist! Brian Josephson stunned his colleagues when he turned to consciousness exploration after having discovered a magical quantum property now called the “Josephson Effect” (the phenomenon of current flow across two weakly coupled superconductors separated by an insulating barrier) at the University of Cambridge at the tender age of twenty-two. He received a tenured position at Cambridge ’s legendary Cavendish Laboratory. That was in 1972. He won a Nobel Prize a year later. Subsequently, he renounced the world of orthodoxy for the pursuit of mystical understanding. The scientific community considered Josephson a genius, until he crossed into the “forbidden zone”. But his inclination showed up early on, when as a graduate student he revealed his appreciation for invisible realities. His discovery of the “Josephson effect” came as a result of his having theorized that electron “tunnels” might pass through insulating barriers in superconducting circuits the same way as ghosts pass through walls in the movies.

Based on his reading of quantum mechanics, the inner workings of the universe, he guessed that the current in such a circuit could actually flow both directions at once, creating a kind of standing wave that would be especially sensitive to magnetic and electrical influences. Bell

Laboratories validated Josephson’s theories, adding to his already growing reputation as an inventor and a prodigy. In a recent issue of Scientific American, he says that quantum mechanics allows for “synchronicities” that produce the appearance of psychic phenomena”. Decoded, that means consciousness based in physical reality as opposed to the other way around. When he lectures at the Cavendish Laboratory, his views are well received, he says. In the same article, Josephson suggests scientists can improve their abilities through the practice of meditation and prayer.

Not all of what we think we know can be easily put into a box or be rejected! As I have stated many times an education where you’re learning and curriculum is structured and you are led to the conclusion like a bull with a hook in its nose is not education but is a form of mind control.

God is far past our understanding, but it is not like he didn't leave us clues if we are open to try to understand them. Too many people try so very hard to drive a wedge between science and the Bible and again I say they walk hand and hand as all we are doing is trying to understand his handy work and his creation. I am by no means a scientific materialist  and the proof for a unseen spiritual world are all over the place and one must only look to the sciences for such proof. Many say that we live in a 4 dimensional world and even this is in question as research is developing with string theory another such work is called the search for extra dimensional existence using missing energy and I will cover this in another article.

Another area for this spiritual existence comes in the form of Intrinsic Simultaneity let’s explore this some, Intrinsic simultaneity in theory states;

At the core of every energy unit(You and your body soul)there is a structural simultaneity(Energy mass)that keeps particle and wave solidary, and permits noninterpretable, exact spatiotemporal maps of events and physicochemical processes(Ego and mind).This structural simultaneity is directly expressed by the specific synchronisms of the Time manifold constitutive of any given energy unit, whether massfree(Spiritual or soul)or mass bound (The physical).Hence, at the antipodes of Relativity (itself an undue generalization of the relationism of all motion - also called exoreference or relative coordinatization of motion), Aetherometry uncovers the fundamental synchronism(and its variations as synchronicities) that gives consistency to all energy units, and proposes a method for endoreference or absolute coordinatization of motion and physical quantities. The simultaneity of a universal Time is not merely qualitative, as for Henri Bergson, but quantitative and intrinsic to energy units and processes: energy itself(and every one of its units in any form) 'is' able to time itself, or measure itself, with immanent metrics (endoreference) put into evidence by the fine-structure solutions to every energy form.

I am going to go places that many will not want to go but we need to address what is the spiritual and can it be explained.

New concepts and functions for wave and particle synthesis are being dreamed up and tested many have come up with many names for it Dark energy dark matter, Aetherometry, now thought to be wrong but the aspects of dark matter and dark energy fill in the blanks and still apply in theory with neutrinos sub atomic particles

Each energy unit is a particulate synthesis of waves or wavefunctions.(Or you could say this is the makeup of you) Every energy form or manifestation displays a specific particle and wave configuration, characteristic of the type of energy interaction(Or what makes you you) (electromagnetic, gravitational, electrodynamic, etc). Aetherometry has identified exactly the intrinsic or hidden metrics of all energy interactions and of energy units or packets, whether massfree(One could say the spiritual), massbound(The body or physical),or in some form associated with massbound particles (eg kinetons, photons, gravitons and antigravitons). These transformative metric relationships are the object of a new system of (micro)functional algebraic equations that open the boundaries of existing physico-mathematical theories to a new analysis of dynamic physical and biological processes. Morphology is no more separate from energy, from its processes and transformations, than topology may be mapped out while being divorced from geometry and metrics - that is, if science and mathematical language are to actually follow the internal dynamics of systems, instead of simply replacing them with static appearances and convoluted approximations.

Aetherometry has provided novel wave-synchronous and resonance-coherent, solidary particle-and- wave solutions for virtually all energy structures and interactions. Every energy flux is a flux of energy units, massbound(Physical)or massfree(Spiritual).Each unit has the dimensions of energy, and coheres a particle function with a phase or external wave. It also establishes a synchronizing resonance between the group wave intrinsic to the particle and the external guide wave, such as dark energy dark matter + sound= wave. The coupling of these two wave functions - that is intrinsic to every energy coupling between a particle and a field wave - is referred to as primary superimposition (You inhabit your body as the soul is superimposed in the flesh!).Synchronism of energy flow is a property of the primary superimposition of waves(how you possess your body),of the internal consistency of every energy unit. Basic endoreference systems are created by primary superimposition.

Wherever energy flows, particles, whether massbound(Physical)or massfree(Spiritual),move in relative and absolute senses (molecular or quantum view of energy). And wherever particles move, resonant waves transmit them, propel them (subquantic view of energy). A particle is nothing but the undulatory transmission of a unit of linear momentum intrinsic to an energy flux.

Particles come in two main varieties - those that are massbound(Physical Body)(particles of Matter) and those that are massfree (The spiritual). Whereas multiple particles of matter cannot simultaneously occupy the same abstract space (two physical bodies cannot occupy the same space), massfree particles can do so (This is where possession comes in, the super imposition of two spirits trying to occupy the same space); massfree particles can superimpose with each other to form what are called phase energy structures (Multiple possession), and they can also superimpose with particles of matter. The kinetic energy of a particle of matter (i.e. the energy of motion that is affected to it) is, in fact, massfree energy in a state of transient superimposition with the mass-energy of the particle being displaced. Aether lattices are phase energy structures, and mass-energy when considered together with its associated massfree graviton is also a phase energy structure. These structures have specific geometries, and thus there is finite volumetric structure to all manifestations of energy. Electrons and protons have toroidal structures; photons are globular; kinetons, gravitons and ambipolar charges constitute various helico-trochoidal structures.


Massbound particles have the property of inertia, and are monopolarly charged (neutrons are massbound charge composites and decay products only). All massbound particles obey Planck's law for the quantization of angular momentum (as a principle of action and in aetherometric fine-structure). And so do two other classes of massfree energy: photons (whether blackbody or ionizing) and 'kinetons'. Ambipolar charges, whether of the OR or DOR types, obey Planck's law with respect to their action, but not their fine-structure.

So what have we learned? Not only that there is an unseen spiritual world but we have also proven scientifically that possession is not only possible but a fact!