Know Bible Facts From Fiction, Science and Prophecy for today!
Jesus commands us, Take heed that no one deceives you!

By B. Walker

What can we learn by those powerful words from the Lord himself? Is there a message in these few words so powerful that they in and of themselves can open the mind to new understandings and the ploys of the Devil? I want to speak about  a level of the devil many don’t see either because they focus too much on believing the Devil will come up and announce himself or they think that they cannot be duped and know what evil is, or maybe they don’t believe in the Devil even though he believes in you, and maybe, just maybe they are so busy trying to make a living that they are blinded by the cares of this world they can’t see what it is right in front of them.

I want to deal with a phenomenon here that many don’t know about and even if they have heard about it may not recognize right in front of them. Much like post traumatic stress disorder, our disorder deals with shock, psychological abuse and desperation, threats either actual or perceived, life and death and how this kind of trauma can be perpetrated on a grandiose scale, when I say grandiose I mean either on a National or even a world wide scale. So beside the usual Alinsky method used by most Governments of the so called pro democracy level we are going to deal here with another level of forced psychosis that is little spoken of, but very real and used by many a repressive regime, and I believe being used now on opposition positions in the United States under its current administration of Obama.

So without further ado let’s delve into our psychosis known as Stockholm syndrome and what it means to America. In
psychology, Stockholm syndrome is a term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express adulation and have positive feelings towards their captors that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, essentially mistaking  or even hallucinating a lack of abuse from their captors as an act of kindness and caring. This same syndrome is in the likes of battered wife syndrome where the abusing husband, boyfriend, significant other after the abuse may cry, or tell you how sorry they are, or argue that somehow it is your fault, that you made them abuse you and the list goes on. So to get the insight let’s turn our heads to the latest data we have as to just how all this works.

According to the FBI, there is some…..... Disagreement as to what factors characterize incidents that contribute to the development of Stockholm syndrome. Research has suggested that hostages may exhibit the condition in situations that feature captors who do not abuse the victim, a long duration before resolution, continued contact between the perpetrator and hostage, and a high level of emotion. In fact, experts have concluded that the intensity, not the length of the incident, combined with a lack of physical abuse more likely will create favorable conditions for the development of Stockholm syndrome. And others arguably go as follows. Let’s take the example of say a man who attacks a woman with intent to rape and kill her, so he attacks her holds her down and tells her first how he is going to violate her and kill her, she sees this situation as hopeless, fearing for her safety she agrees to let him do as he pleases so he violates her repeatedly each time under threat of harm. Finally the time comes for him to finish the work to kill her and she pleads for her life, the abuser sees and feels empowered so he lets her live and takes her captive where he repeats the same thing as before for several days.

Now something has changed the abuser starts to show some slight caring for his victim and may show some signs of kindness. Even though the abuse continues this time without the threat of death and over the course of a few weeks shows some trust and may even test the waters giving the victim some freedoms letting them know if they run or do something wrong or displeasing its game over. The victim sees this as an act of kindness and because of the abuse and the life and death trauma before they acquire an affiliation for the abuser.

The following are viewed as the conditions necessary for Stockholm syndrome to occur.

Hostages who develop Stockholm syndrome often view the perpetrator as giving life by simply not taking it. In this sense, the captor becomes the person in control of the captive’s basic needs for survival and the victim’s life itself. (This could be as the giver of financial survival and monthly support such as food stamps, welfare and unemployment payments and social security and more, anything that can be held back from the captive as a means of support.)

The hostage endures isolation from other people and has only the captor’s perspective available. Perpetrators routinely keep information about the outside world’s response to their actions from captives to keep them totally dependent. (This could be accomplished by taking control of the media and communications on a massive scale. Imagine this being done on a national level, a grandiose massive financial collapse where you know not where your next meal is coming from. This is the reason for quelling opposition and wanting these kinds of powers.)

The hostage taker threatens to kill the victim and gives the perception of having the capability to do so. The captive judges it safer to align with the perpetrator, endure the hardship of captivity, and comply with the captor than to resist and face death. (This can be accomplished by instilling fear and animosity toward the captive even if no violence has taken place, many times none needs to be take at all depending on the personality of the captive. The threat that at some time this could happen is generally enough.)

The captive sees the perpetrator as showing some degree of kindness. Kindness serves as the cornerstone of Stockholm syndrome (Signs of helping the needy or having a heart for those seen as down trodden, or just any simple act perceived as compassion.); the condition will not develop unless the captor exhibits it in some form toward the hostage (Extending benefits of unemployment or others things seen as needed to sustain life and support.). However, captives often misinterpret a lack of abuse as kindness and may develop feelings of appreciation for this perceived benevolence. If the captor is purely evil and abusive, the hostage will respond with hatred. But, if perpetrators show some kindness and humane attributes victims will submerge the anger they feel in response to the terror and concentrate on the captors’ “good side” to protect themselves. (Do you catch this? Let this fact dig deep into your heart and minds.)

In cases where Stockholm syndrome has occurred, the captive is in a situation where the captor has stripped nearly all forms of independence and gained control of the victim’s life, as well as basic needs for survival. (This is how socialism and communism works in repressive governments) Some experts say that the hostage regresses to, perhaps, a state of infancy; the captive must cry for food, remain silent, and exist in an extreme state of dependence. In contrast, the perpetrator serves as a 'nurturing'  figure protecting the 'child' from a threatening outside world, including law enforcement’s deadly weapons. Or even an authoritarian fatherly figure and we all know a father knows best. (Keep in mind we are raised to show respect to those in authority, and this authoritarian or control is used as a tool). The victim then begins a struggle for survival, both relying on and identifying with the captor (Well this isn’t so bad, I am alive and they are providing me a means for food and housing ect.). Possibly, hostages’ motivation to live outweighs their impulse to hate the person who created their dilemma, or they see the situation as hopeless.

The FBI's theories about Stockholm syndrome development are not, however, perfectly representative of the opinions of other psychologists who have studied the subject

Psychoanalytic explanations Stockholm syndrome is a psychological shift that occurs in captives when they are threatened gravely but are shown acts of kindness by their captors. Captives who exhibit the syndrome tend to sympathize with and think highly of their captors. When subjected to prolonged captivity, these captives can develop a strong bond with their captors, in some cases including a sexual interest.

Psychiatrist Frank Ochberg, widely credited with Stockholm syndrome’s psychiatric definition, describes it as "a primitive gratitude for the gift of life," not unlike that felt by an infant. (The captor almost becomes god like in stature, having lives and death within their hands.)

According to the psychoanalytic view of the syndrome, this tendency might be the result of employing the strategy evolved by newborn babies to form an emotional attachment to the nearest powerful adult in order to maximize the probability that this adult will enable—at the very least—the survival of the child, if not also prove to be a good parental figure. This syndrome is considered a prime example for the defense mechanism of identification. (This syndrome can and has been used on a massive scale in communist countries across the world; many unaware of the complexities of its use, in ignorance fall for it and embrace it.)

A person may not escape from an enemy even if they were treated cruelly. This is because they enter into a defense mechanism called Dissociation. This is a normal defense mechanism in persons exposed to trauma this is almost like putting the body on auto pilot. When they enter a dissociative state, they can cope with the abuse they endure. Dissociation may be so much that they do not take their opportunities to escape when they have the chance.

Many a crisis is made purpose! If you think not you're ignorant. Governments have been using this tactic for centuries and many are blind to the vices of those in power. The best way to effect change is either quickly and openly, or to do it a little at a time. Another tool of the Devil is called the Alinsky method and is used in our two party system.  Both sides of the same face is what you have, just because you have a different side of the face doesn’t mean it is a different head.  They don't tell you because they want you to believe the illusion of freedom without the fight.  Think about this for a moment, and let this sink in. If you control the head you control the body. Do you not think that the forces of evil know this as well? Do you not think they have instilled these words of wisdom in their plans?

Even the wicked know how to do good for those they love; the sinful nature of man will be his destruction, and the way to demoralize the future is through our children controlling the mind. If you raise up a child in the way he won’t soon part from it. Look at the curriculum of the schools they try to manipulate the minds, those who think outside the box are criticized and peer pressure is added to seal the deal. This is why the two party system in America works, this is the Alinsky method at work. Many in our own ranks have chosen to be blind and not see that a different side of the same face is still the same person. It is the mind that needs changed.  Criminal politicians are all working for the same master. If you control both sides of the fight you control the end result it is all an illusion by the facilitators, and our election system is Alinsky in full motion. The only way to break the cycle is to remove them all and start anew. Public service should not be a career unless it is done in the private sector. Mind manipulation is nothing more than pure evil.