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The Christian's Pledge of allegiance

The Christian's Pledge

I pledge allegiance to my God, who had such love for me;  He gave His only begotten Son, to face cruel Calvary.

And to the Church, for which He stands,

One Church, indivisible, with its strong bands,

Of love and kindness, to sinners enthrall

With Calvary's purchased Liberty and justice for ALL!

 And to this great nation, that I 'm privileged to be.

Blessed as a Citizen, in this land of the Free!

Lord, you made this land so. 

As a haven for ALL.  With Freedom to Worship. 

Lord, don't let us fall!  We've sunk way down in the mire of sin

Till--the Courts of this land won't let you in.

 Lord, this once Great Land is on a downward slope, 

Without you back on the Throne, There is No Hope! 

Lord, Send us a revival, extend it from shore to shore!

War clouds are gathering, we need you more and more,

In classroom and workplace, from which you've been banned!

In the Strength of God Almighty, May we once again stand!

By L.D Walker

Missouri Watchman and the 7th day Church of God

Notice; The above Church is in no way affiliated with this ministry or the ideas presented on this website as they differ doctrinally, but I do support the outreach and goals of the Missouri Watchman, and many Churches who preach and teach Jesus Christ and him crucified for the salvation of the soul. Who have an outreach to preach the Gospel to a hurting world as we have all been commanded by the Lord himself.

I stand united with the body of Christ to reach a dying world in these last days.