Know Bible Facts From Fiction, Science and Prophecy for today!

To The Egocentric and Haughty minds of the Philosophers, scientists and learned I question you.  

I am no genius such as yourself and did not spend my life at the most prestigious University. I was raised in the country and have but a limited Education as some may call it, so you will have to excuse me if I bore you with my lack of understanding, and lackadaisical approach..

First to assume that no one can be on the same plane as your expanding mind that brings about such god like thought that should be reverenced and revered. I believe that you have over stated your stance, and are out of your league when it comes to science! Talk about a leap of faith! This is the same faith science uses to project that man was created from or shares an ancestor with apes when the fossil records don’t show this! Millions of years of evolution should provide millions of samples of your monkey men in various stages of evolution as well as the common ancestor. Now if you are a scientific materialist you can’t have it both ways! Let me restate the facts here for you

A scientific materialist believes matter is the only truth, that everything in the universe, including consciousness, can be explained in terms of physical laws- no transcendent cause, no purpose, no meaning to life. In short, our thoughts, feelings, inspirations, identity-the universe its self- are merely highly evolved chemical reactions. The soul, of course, does not exist for the scientific materialist, nor does any awareness beyond the brain, nor anything vaguely spiritual in nature. Now what this means is that you and how you think is irrelevant! Any thought patterns that you have or think you have don’t matter as you are nothing more than an animal with no spirit and what you may call consciousness is nothing more than a chemical reaction in your brain! With the millions of years that we humans or ape types had to evolve from this common ancestor why don’t we not have thousands or millions of examples of the various stages of this evolutionary marvel? It isn’t from the lack of looking that we do not have them, it isn’t because we lack theory about them, so what is it? Could it be that there is lack of evidence because it is wrong? Let’s explore more fully the scientific materialist theory for a bit and see what conclusions we may draw from asking some pertinent questions of our so called chemical reactions that we call emotions.

Why do we as humans believe that we have the right to enact laws and constraints against others who are acting on their animal impulses, if we are all just animals anyway who evolved? Why not allow those who wish to kill that right seeing as how they are acting out survival of the fittest? Why jail men for raping women as they are just acting out on their natural animal instinct right? After all the feelings a woman has of being violated are not real anyway right? They are just a chemical reaction reacting to the outside stimulus.  On the other hand, child predators whose sexual preferences are your children are they not just acting on their animal instincts? What right do we have as fellow animals to go against nature? Because you are appalled at this does not matter because emotions have no place for the scientific materialist! Why did our so called emotions evolve if there were not some kind of unseen force or law that begged or screamed for justice and morality? If we are all just evolved animals there is no such thing as right and wrong and anyone who tried to set laws or rules that ask me to go against my natural animal nature are wrong and should be abolished! Because after all it is survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom  right?  This is the premise for the scientific materialist after all.

You can make all the excuses that you will as to why we are here, and where we come from but the fact of the matter is when you look for or at the bigger picture you have not the proof to back up any claims of superiority! Why? Because you cannot explain why man has this inherent need to figure out why we are here! Why things work or even why a code of morality even exists! Why and where did we get the notion that there is life after this, how did this idea evolve? If consciousness is an evolving phenomenon where did it originate from?  Where did it evolve from and why? Why does man have such a fascination of the stars? Why did the ancients have knowledge of the stars that we cannot explain? How could they know about stars that we could not see without a telescope? How could those primitive men do brain surgery? Why were the ancient Egyptians able to do embalming that we cannot duplicate today and save viable cells for cloning?

There is no good or bad, only chemical reactions. There are no unseen laws that govern us to do right, just a blob of goo reacting to stimulus, no such thing as love this is only a highly evolved chemical reaction. If you believe in such you have taken a giant leap of faith to believe that anything you say feel or think should matter because it can all be explained as a chemical reaction! If you are murdered and slaughtered in the streets it does not matter as you are only a blob of ooze, and a chemical reaction, if you scream in pain it’s okay and all good, because that does not exist right? As all of this is just a chemical reaction at best. Now let’s toss out the fact that there are things in the universe that require balance, unseen universal laws that we cannot see that beg for justice for all an inherent sense of right and wrong yin to the yang, where do we get this from? Is this just a chemical reaction? Should we stop punishing those who break the laws of this unseen principal? Who gave us this sense of justice and right and wrong, if it has no meaning, and why should we follow it if it is just a chemical reaction, or the so called survival of the fittest? You know just an impulse that we feel at that given moment because we are only animals after all who act on instinct. Consciousness has no meaning at all.

Why do you have feelings and react if you feel that I have been mean to you and typed words that you find offensive? Are your feelings real if so why do they matter? Do they matter in the animal kingdom? Why should I care? I mean it is for conscience sake that I would choose my words wisely and try not to offend you right? Why not just go on a killing spree because it tickled my fancy? So then if there were no such thing, as a universal law of thought and morality “GOD” why should I care how you feel?

You want laws enacted to protect you from hate or perceived hate, but if we are animals, it is illogical to go against the grain of the animal kingdom and instincts right? These are not true feelings in animals, and hate is an emotion, and once again these are said to be just a chemical reaction to outside stimuli, and we are just animals anyway right? So all of this has no meaning as projected scientifically right? What makes us differ from mere animals? Is it not free choice, and freewill? Animals act on impulse according to their natural instincts.  So then once again, there are natural unseen laws at work in the universe and a higher universal consciousness.  So who created it? Oh” I get it, this is evolution right? Our consciousness evolved over time to include fair treatment for those of lesser strength and stamina. So then, what happened to survival of the fittest? Is this not the natural order of things, per the animal kingdom so where did its natural evolution transpire from? What about medicine, why would we search for cures for disease if the emotions are nothing but chemical reactions to the stimulus around us? Survival of the fittest would tell us to just move on and make more offspring or find another mate who is more fit than the one who just died, due to weakness. Why should we mourn, and where did this evolve from?  Let’s turn the tide here to see what we can learn from a different perspectibve shall we?

Because you cannot see it does not mean it does not exist! Brian Josephson stunned his colleagues when he turned to consciousness exploration after having discovered a magical quantum property now called the “Josephson Effect” (the phenomenon of current flow across two weakly coupled superconductors separated by an insulating barrier) at the University of Cambridge at the tender age of twenty-two. He received a tenured position at Cambridge ’s legendary Cavendish Laboratory. That was in 1972. He won a Nobel Prize a year later. Subsequently, he renounced the world of orthodoxy for the pursuit of mystical understanding. The scientific community considered Josephson a genius, until he crossed into the “forbidden zone”. But his inclination showed up early on, when as a graduate student he revealed his appreciation for invisible realities. His discovery of the “Josephson effect” came as a result of his having theorized that electron “tunnels” might pass through insulating barriers in superconducting circuits the same way as ghosts pass through walls in the movies.

Based on his reading of quantum mechanics, the inner workings of the universe, he guessed that the current in such a circuit could actually flow both directions at once, creating a kind of standing wave that would be especially sensitive to magnetic and electrical influences. Bell Laboratories validated Josephson’s theories, adding to his already growing reputation as an inventor and a prodigy. In a recent issue of Scientific American, he says that quantum mechanics allows for “synchronicities” that produce the appearance of psychic phenomena”. Decoded, that means consciousness based in physical reality as opposed to the other way around. When he lectures at the Cavendish Laboratory, his views are well received, he says. In the same article, Josephson suggests scientists can improve their abilities through the practice of meditation.

How about prayer! Not all of what we think we know can be easily put into a box or rejected! As I have stated an education where you are learning and curriculum is structured and you are led to the conclusion is not education but is a form of mind control.

Our so-called much learning is driving us mad! If we continue to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result, it is the apex of madness! I know coming from such a one who is uneducated as I am, all of this is but nonsense to the philosophical and elite, but I remain a skeptic about any assumption that there is no “GOD” or universal right and wrong laws. Based on the perceived facts of how materialism is set in stone. Please if you can enlighten me of my errors so that I may obtain the wisdom of such a wise old sage as yourself, and please if you will give me the answer as to why it matters if our thoughts are just a chemical reaction and none of these matters anyway!

Who gave you your feelings of being superior? Why do you even have these chemical reactions? What is the standard that we should keep for something that does not matter? Why do the chemical reactions react the way that they do and cause us emotional pain? Why do our chemical reactions know what science is? Why do our chemical reactions search for the meaning of life if we are but just animals and our sense of self is just a chemical reaction? Why must we consider other unimportant blobs of matter or animals feelings of pain? I can continue to ask all of these questions that your wisdom can never answer! In all of the complexity of our universe it takes more faith to believe that a Rolex watch started out as a clump of metal and rolled around for a few million years and one day became a precision time peace then to look around and see that this world is all a part of “GODS” grand design!

Only a myopic minded  buffoon who searching the universe for ways to lie and hold back the truth, would think to hide what is contrary to an enormous deficit of information and fact to mankind’s understanding of who we are, could attempt a none sensible explanation of why and where we come from! Look to the school system, they are not looking for ways to expand the mind of children but to indoctrinate a system of drones who value nothing more than sexual gratification, vile lusts and usury, compared to actual scientific research! We no longer stimulate the mind but search for ways to change opinions by manipulations and distractions.They teach using the Delphi technique and others to stifle the thoughts that do not follow the common order and path of belief. they offer great swelling words of emptiness and try to pass off the greatest hoax that mankind has ever seen! Mocking what they do not understand, and laud tripe from a small mind that has no place in science. Liberal teachers are those who have passed this tripe off as Education for the last 40 years understanding that if you control the head you control the body. They consider themselves mental giants, and yet cannot see beyond that protruding stump that sits on their shoulders as a monument to their stupidity Look to the big picture and the unanswered questions that we have found being pushed under the rug because it does not fit with the mainstream ignorance being force fed to the masses.

There are those who have a limited understanding of science and the inner most workings of this world, yet they believe in a creator who with love and wisdom gave them the right to free will, the gift to feel emotions and experience life with all that it has to offer, to know good and evil. These to whom the elite believe are less then themselves, are much more valuable than all the gold in the world, as simple as this may be simple faith moves mountains! The truth lays down flat, and does not beg more questions, but settles a matter no matter who looks at it from every angle.

Let’s take this one step further to the conservation of energy! This we know as fact! Energy cannot be either created or destroyed it only changes shape! Now several aspects can be concluded from this statement, I will only cover a few to make a point I can take this to any level a scientific mind wishes to go, but for simplicity, I will keep it simple. In the facts and apex of this law it means that in order to conserve energy after the energy reaches its peak in will relate to a process to conserve what it has left in order to survive, ie we start in life as a child we reach our peak or apex and as we age we revert back to a form that uses less energy and we slow down and the energy fades and the body withers, and then we die. This is known as anthropy. Where does the energy that makes up self go? If you are Christian you know this answer, if you are not you tell me? If we actually evolve then why do we die? Or do we evolve into a higher power? Is the life force energy? We know that it is, and can measure the vibrations and electrical pulses. What do we conclude from this then? Where does the pulse go if it cannot be destroyed? Where did it come from to begin with?

How does the theory of evolution compare to the fact of conservation of energy? Is there another universal law then that we do not know about? Did we originate from a higher power and as we progress or I should say devolve are we a part of this conservation of energy? The second law of thermodynamics states that all closed systems go from order to disorder, Or from calm to chaos, much the same way a Liberal mind works! Let us ask some questions that are a taboo to the so called scientists, to see if we have any proof to the possibility that we are not evolving but devolving. Were there any traces of advanced civilizations in our past that cannot be explained fully? Is there some proof that man had more knowledge then we give them credit for, and an understanding of things we have yet to explain? Did the ancients do brain surgery? Did they know how to electroplate? Did the ancients have batteries? Did the ancients have electricity? Did the ancients have thermodynamics knowledge? Did the ancients have knowledge of the stars that we are still trying to keep up with and explain? Did the ancients have the ability to move stones that weighed more than our modern technology is capable of moving? In addition, were the ancients aware that we should try to be earth friendly and live green? The answer to all of the above is yes! I can go on and on about how we are led down the path to stupidity and why, but the point here is this we are not as wise as we are led to believe!

Because one might tell me that the color blue is blue because everyone agrees to this does not mean it is the truth! As some have pointed out some people used to believe that the earth is flat we now know that it is not the truth, because someone dared to question the so called knowledge of the day. Also note that one of the oldest books in the Bible Job declared that “GOD” created the orb of the earth and hung it on nothing in its place! Several thousand years ago this statement was made! Some may claim that the logical conclusion for the creation of the universe is that an infinite number of gods or creators each more powerful than the one they created would have to have existed, then guess what you just proved the conservation of energy, not that I believe in a pantheon of gods but that the emanations from the time of Adam in the Biblical record reflect this as a hidden truth. The Bible states that God hung the earth’s foundation like a canopy! This again is a fact that the earth sits on what some compare to an invisible canopy, and that as it orbits it has pulled at this fabric of time and created four dimensions, I would go further but most minds most likely cannot grasp the complexity of this statement. And by the way time as we know it was created for man about the time that god limited man’s life span to less than 120 years as found in Gen 6:3 now how can “GOD” be everywhere? He gave us a part of the divine spark the breath of life if you will. I love this statement made by Jesus! Nothing can ascend into heaven accept that which came from heaven……

The third-person omniscient is a narrative mode in which both the reader and author observe the situation either through the senses and thoughts of more than one character, or through an overarching godlike perspective that sees and knows everything that happens and everything the characters are thinking. Third-person omniscient is virtually always the narrative mode

However, while a godlike all-knowing perspective necessarily uses third-person omniscient, there are other uses for this narrative mode. Third-person omniscient simply means that the narrator can tell the reader things that the main character does not know, or things that none of the characters know, or things that no human being could ever know (e.g., what the first conscious creature felt like as it climbed out of the primordial ooze). While third-person omniscient is associated with sweeping, epic stories, not all third-person omniscient narratives stray beyond the characters' knowledge and experiences.

Now “GOD” Is infinite ie never created always existed! If you speak as the other fools who rant about time as if we understand the full complexity of the subject matter! We will need go into great detail as to the complexity of reality and the perception of time and relativity, quantum mechanics, and the likes for you How do we measure time? Days, hours, years, weeks, months, eons, if we never were, time would not exist! If there were no beings on this earth to judge time by, the said guides of time would not matter from the beginning. Why because there would be no one to make it their reality. Yes I used that word that many just can’t comprehend as to just what reality is. I can explain it this way and many who have ever played video games will understand. Imagine you are playing you favorite game and you are going so fast in the game the screen becomes blank until the game catches up to where you exceeded its program, this is what would happen if we could match the speed of light. In addition, yes I have run into glitches in many video games usually those of the racing persuasion. With a blank screen there would be no use for seasons days years, weeks, hours, ect no need for the sun or the moon or the stars! This shows us purpose and design for life! Planning by a great designer or creator if you will, you get it, don’t you? If you think I jest, you are in error.

 Time was created by dark energy this my friend is a scientific fact! Not dark as in evil but dark as in unseen! This matter had a spirit or should I say a creative force! And “GOD” said let there be light! The creation and vibration of sound caused the energy to expand and can still be measured to this day! Matter mixed with light is how you were created! The rants about time are ignorant due to the fact that had our universe not been created we would have no use for time! Therefore, time has a start and a finish! If there were no beings in this universe to measure time then time would not exist! A law or principal cannot be proven unless there is someone to measure it. What a twist! So then we find that life in and of its self has purpose or at least meaning

 One dolt to another, I would say we are just pissing in the wind to try to prove a point that we have come to the end all of scientific conclusions, or that an evolutionary point of view much like the theory of our beginnings being found in the apes can be proven without the millions of fossil records that should be available everywhere to come to a respected conclusion! There is a day coming and I tell you before hand when there will be those who will bring fourth so-called proof that we came from the apes as a DNA experiment who will lead many astray and call this science. They will look to ET for the answer to life’s mysteries and be lied to because they did not seek the truth but had itching ears and believed the lie and the doctrine of demons!