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Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012 The Huffington Post  Dean Praetorius First Posted: 01/20/11 05:33 PM

Earth could be getting a second sun, at least temporarily.

Dr. Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland, outlined the scenario to Betelgeuse, one of the night sky's brightest stars, is losing mass, indicating it is collapsing. It could run out of fuel and go super-nova at any time.

When that happens, for at least a few weeks, we'd see a second sun, Carter says. There may also be no night during that timeframe.

The Star Wars-esque scenario could happen by 2012, Carter says... or it could take longer. The explosion could also cause a neutron star or result in the formation of a black hole 1300 light years from Earth, reports

But doomsday sayers should be careful about speculation on this one. If the star does go super-nova, Earth will be showered with harmless particles, according to Carter. "They will flood through the Earth and bizarrely enough, even though the supernova we see visually will light up the night sky, 99 per cent of the energy in the supernova is released in these particles that will come through our bodies and through the Earth with absolutely no harm whatsoever," he told

In fact, a neutrino shower could be beneficial to Earth. According to Carter this "star stuff" makes up the universe. "It literally makes things like gold, silver - all the heavy elements - even things like uranium....a star like Betelgeuse is instantly forming for us all sorts of heavy elements and atoms that our own Earth and our own bodies have from long past supernovi," said Carter.

I would like to introduce some interesting facts about this possible story that many who have never read by articles at my website may not know, so I will try very hard to keep this as brief as possible for those who don’t like to read much. The significant’s to this may just be more than what is seen on the surface so let me begin to explain the ancient tale that goes along with this possible event. This is an Aztec tale of the Ouroboros originally from: Project Ouroboros at the University of Minnesota. Which has a large and diverse selection of these impressive archetypes. This symbol of a tail eating serpent or dragon is anciet in nature and predates the time of 1600 BCE appears principally among the Gnostics and is depicted as a dragon, snake or serpent biting its own tail. In the broadest sense, it is symbolic of time and the continuity of life. It sometimes bears the caption Hen to pan - 'The One, the All', the first the last, the end and the beginning as in the Codex Marcianus, for instance, of the 2nd century A.D. It has also been explained as the union between the chthonian principle as represented by the serpent and the celestial principal as signified by the bird (a synthesis which can also be applied to the dragon or Satan).

Some contend this proves that it is a variant of the symbol for the God Mercury - the duplex god. In some versions of the Ouroboros, the body is half light and half dark, alluding in this way to the successive counterbalancing of opposing principles as illustrated in the Chinese Yin-Yang or that this shows the opposing sides of nature, the physical and the material side of the universe. Please bear with me as I know some may get lost in the quandary of information but I assure you this is all relevant as some with a little more understanding will need the extra insights. This also denotes that it represents the dissolution of the body, or the universal serpent which (to quote the Gnostic saying) 'passes through all things'. Catch the quote in the article;

” But doomsday sayers should be careful about speculation on this one. If the star does go super-nova, Earth will be showered with harmless particles, according to Carter. "They will flood through the Earth and bizarrely enough, even though the supernova we see visually will light up the night sky, 99 per cent of the energy in the supernova is released in these particles that will come through our bodies and through the Earth with absolutely no harm whatsoever," he told

In fact, a neutrino shower could be beneficial to Earth. According to Carter this "star stuff" makes up the universe. "It literally makes things like gold, silver - all the heavy elements - even things like uranium....a star like Betelgeuse is instantly forming for us all sorts of heavy elements and atoms that our own Earth and our own bodies have from long past supernovi," said Carter.” What does this mean? It means mass the things that make up our world as we know it the solid the flesh and bone. Keep this in mind as we continue on.

The serpent represents poison, the viper and the universal solvent are all symbols of the undifferentiated-of the 'unchanging law' which moves through all things, linking them by a common bond called matter. Both the dragon and the bull are symbolic antagonists of the solar hero. The Ouroboros biting its own tail is symbolic of self-fecundation, or the primitive idea of a self-sufficient Nature - a Nature, that is which, à la Nietzsche, continually returns, within a cyclic pattern, to its own beginning. There is a Venetian manuscript on alchemy which depicts the Ouroboros with its body half-black (symbolizing earth and night) and half-white (denoting heaven and light) this being the battle between the physical and the spiritual, God is spirit, keep this in mind.

The serpent or dragon eating its own tail has survived from antiquity and can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, circa 1600 B.C.E. From there it passed to Phoenicia and then to the Greek philosophers, who gave it the name Ouroboros ("the tail-devourer") this information as I stated dates back thousands of years  and even Jesus himself spoke of it and I will elaborate on this. The Ouroboros is believed to have been inspired by the Milky Way, as some ancient texts refer to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. Sagittarius - The Archer is in the heart of the summer Milky Way. The Milky Way Galaxy is the inspiration for the symbol of the Ouroboros. Myth refers to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. The Milky Way is this serpent, and viewed from a galactic central point near Sagittarius, this serpent eats its own tail. The Milky Way galaxy keeps a great time cycle that ends in catastrophic change. The sign of the Suntelia Aion also called the end of the age,  is the sun (or a sun) rising out of the mouth of the ouroboros, which will occur on the solstice December 21, 2012 which links with the Mayan Calendar as a symbolic date the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time the enlightenment of mankind the dawn of mans excellence and raise to self and independent greatness to raise above god. See Isaiah 14 :12-21 the fall of Lucifer also called “The Day Star” or Son of the morning.

This also goes to Quetzalcoatl and accelerating Earth changes in the Ring of Fire. The Greeks called this time End of the Age the Suntelia Aion represented by Saturn as the grim reaper and his scythe under the astrological sign of Capricorn who is also the sign of the Goat fish and sign of Anti-christ. Ancient historians and especially Plato referred to a cycle of catastrophe at the End of the Age. The AION was symbolized by the Ouroboros the earth destroys itself to give rebirth to its self, from death comes new life. What in fact it means is the possibility of the galaxy unraveling and as the bible predicts Revelation 6:12-14 also see Jesus own words in Matthew 24:29-30 is this the return of Jesus? No! What is it?  Luke 10:18 “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” and Revelation 12:7-12 war in the heavens breaks out Satan cast to the earth and knows he has a short time. Now let’s cover who Quetzalcoatl is, shall we; according to legend, Quetzalcoatl is sometimes depicted as a white man (light, the shining ones) looking nothing like the Mesoamerican people who worshipped him. Most often he is depicted as a feathered serpent. Quetzalcoatl as Egyptian, Thoth is depicted many times in hieroglyphics as writing the stories of our reality through Sacred Geometry. As with all gods, there is a promise to return one day, some Mormon scholars believe that Quetzalcoatl, as a white, bearded God who came from the sky and promised to return, was actually Jesus Christ. According to the Book of Mormon, Jesus visited the American natives after his resurrection I will not touch on that as this is not about Mormonism and I love and respect my Mormon brethren.

Quetzalcoatl is a Mesoamerican deity whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and has the meaning of "feather-serpent". The worship of a feathered serpent deity is first documented in Teotihuacan in the Late Preclassic through the Early Classic period (400 BCE - 600CE) of Mesoamerican chronology - "Teotihuacan arose as a new religious center in the Mexican Highland, around the time of Christ..." -- whereafter it appears to have spread throughout Mesoamerica by the Late Classic (600 - 900 CE) (Ringle et al.).

In the Postclassic period (900 - 1519 CE) the worship of the feathered serpent deity was centered in the central Mexican religious center of Cholula. It is in this period that the deity is known to have been named "Quetzalcoatl" by his Nahua followers. In the Maya area he was known as Kukulcan or Ququmatz, names that also translate as "feathered serpent" in different Mayan languages. In the era following the 16th-century Spanish Conquest a number of sources were written that describe the god "Quetzalcoatl" and relates him to a ruler of the mythico-historic city of Tollan called by the names "Ce Acatl", "Topiltzin", "Nacxitl" or "Quetzalcoatl". Among the Aztecs, whose beliefs are the best-documented in the historical sources, Quetzalcoatl was related to gods of the wind, of Venus, of the dawn, of merchants and of arts, crafts and knowledge, What was that word? Knowledge! Yes the very thing Satan offered to Eve, the very thing that makes us today believe that we can become gods, co-equals, co regents, as the proclamation states in Isaiah 14 speaking of Lucifer “You have said in your heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will also sit on the mount of the Congregation, on the farthest side of the north, I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High” .

Quetzalcoatl was also the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge. Quetzalcoatl was one of several important gods in the Aztec pantheon along with the gods Tlaloc, Tezcatlipoca and Huitzilopochtli. A feathered Serpent deity has been worshipped by many different ethno-political groups in Mesoamerican history. The existence of such worship can be seen through studies of iconography of different mesoamerican cultures, in which serpent motifs are frequent. Based on the different symbolic systems used in portrayals of the feathered serpent deity in different cultures and periods scholars have interpreted the religious and symbolic meaning of the feathered serpent deity in Mesoamerican cultures.


Based on the Teotihuacan iconographical depictions of the feathered serpent, archaeologist Karl Taube has argued that the feathered serpent was a symbol of fertility and internal political structures contrasting with the War Serpent symbolizing the outwards military expansion of the Teotihuacan empire.

Historian Enrique Florescano also analysing Teotihuacan iconography shows that the Feathered Serpent was part of a triad of agricultural deities: the Goddess of the Cave symbolizing motherhood, reproduction and life, Tlaloc, god of rain, lightning and thunder and the feathered serpent, god of vegetational renewal. The feathered serpent was furthermore connected to the star (((((Venus))))) because of this star's importance as a sign of the beginning of the rainy season. To both Teotihuacan and Mayan cultures Venus was in turn also symbolically connected with warfare. Let me touch on this just a little so we can connect the dots here Venus is the planet that rules the Sign of Libra why I state this is because the third Horseman of the Apocalypse is the scales of balance and plenty, we see under this sign hyper inflation, lack of food because the price is a day’s wages for a loaf of bread, this could mark the sign of Chaos.

While not usually feathered, classic Maya serpent iconography seems related to the belief in a sky, Venus, creator, war and fertility related serpent deity. In the example from Yaxchilan the Vision Serpent has the human face of the young maize god, further suggesting a connection to fertility and vegetational renewal, the Mayan Young Maize god was also connected to Venus.

In Xochicalco depictions of the feathered Serpent is accompanied by the image of a seated, armed ruler and the hieroglyph for the day sign 9 Wind. The date 9 wind is known to be associated with fertility, Venus and war among the Maya and frequently occurs in relation to Quetzalcoatl in other Mesoamerican cultures.

Based on the iconography of the feathered serpent deity at sites such as Teotihuacan, Xochicalco, Chichen Itza, Tula and Tenochtitlan combined with certain ethnohistorical sources, historian David Carrasco has argued that the preeminent function of the feathered serpent deity throughout Mesoamerican history was as the patron deity of the Urban center, a god of culture and civilization.

Many of you are going to tell me this is too much information but I give you this so you may research it for yourself and prove it for yourself. I do not offer it up to convince anyone of anything just to acknowledge that there are things going on that  are not quite what they appear, so let’s continue to learn here.


The exact significance and attributes of Quetzalcoatl varied somewhat between civilizations and through history. Quetzalcoatl was often considered the god of the morning star, and his twin brother Xolotl was the evening star (Venus). As the morning star he was known by the title Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, meaning "lord of the star of the dawn." He was known as the inventor of books and the calendar, the giver of maize (corn) to mankind, and sometimes as a symbol of death and resurrection. Quetzalcoatl was also the patron of the priests and the title of the Aztec high priest.

Most Mesoamerican beliefs included cycles of suns. Usually, our current time was considered the fifth sun, the previous four having been destroyed by flood, fire and the like. Quetzalcoatl allegedly went to Mictlan, the underworld, and created fifth-world mankind from the bones of the previous races (with the help of Chihuacoatl), using his own blood, from a wound in his penis, to imbue the bones with new life.

His birth, along with his twin Xolotl, was unusual; it was a virgin birth, to the goddess Coatlicue. Alternatively, he was a son of Xochiquetzal and Mixcoatl. Like how this resembles the story of Jesus, or even Jacob and Esau, except for the virgin birth, or an anti-type of Cain and Abel except the twins part.

One Aztec story claims that Quetzalcoatl was seduced by Tezcatlipoca into becoming drunk and sleeping with a celibate priestess, and then burned himself to death out of remorse. His heart became the morning star. Now I can go down the list and quote scripture and archeology to help fill in some more blanks in all of this and many of you are likely saying so what! What does this mean and why should I care? Let tell you as a matter of fact you should care because I am not the only one who is looking at this stuff for the prophetic word. Our own dear president of the United states is also very interested in the stuff and as I have stated before he went through a lot of trouble to hide the facts he went to Mexico to see a very famous Archeology professor who was the world expert on this stuff and the ancient Incan and Mayan cultures archaeologist Felipe Solis, Obama dropped by during a visit to Mexico City. The President met Solis on April 16, three days after the deadly swine flu virus hit Mexico City. The 65-year-old archaeologist and director of the National Museum of Anthropology (MNA), took the president on a tour of the museum and the pair attended a gala dinner together before Obama flew out of the city in order to attend the Americas summit in Trinidad and Tobago. Many claimed that the archeologist died of flu like symptoms but he in fact took ill and is said to have died from a heart attack. I could continue this train of thought and elaborate more but I won’t because of space. What the next big question should be is why was Obammy so interested in this? Was this just coincidence? Ask yourself if you believe this? Is Obammy waiting for Quetzalcoalt? Is there another side we don’t know about????? We are told there would be signs in the heavens and perplexity.  What is all of this? Why do you need to know this? Because this is the ancient Mystery religion of Babylon and Egypt, the very thing that the Freemasons believe in the mystery of the ages the worship of the moon god the Worship of Thoth in Egypt  the pantheon of gods throughout the ages to fool if possible even the very elect, and I believe this may be just another sign.,people,news,barack-obama-cleared-of-swine-fever-virus