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What is a Closed mind?

By B. Walker

What is a closed mind? How do I know I have a closed mind?  What causes a closed mind? We have no idea what a closed mind is, as we cannot even begin to understand the complexity that this world is made up of and why! The circle of life is a lie that we have purchased through ignorance force fed by Educators who have a slanted view of how things work or a world view that through the Alinsky method they can create nirvana a type of utopian society based solely on our own personal lusts and willingness to submit to one world psyche, this the rebuilding of the tower of Babel of sorts. We are just now starting to catch up to what has already happened, as if it were a rerun. Do you really know science, and alternate reality? Do you know about dark matter, thermodynamics, conservation of energy, physics and relativity? Are you really as wise as you believe you are? If I teach you, and set the curriculum and tell you how to think is this true wisdom? Or am I controlling your mind and putting up blinders on how you see the world. Take yourself out of the box and see for yourself what is real.

If you claim that you offer freedom but put the mind in a box, is this true freedom you offer? True freedom requires no man made law for the law is written on the heart and enforced by the spirit in love. What you offer is gratification of the flesh and perversion, making laws to protect those who would prey on and offend children. If from the start the truth would have been made known the children and offspring of the Nephilim may have been accepted at least for a time. You are known by your fruit, a good tree cannot bear bad fruit but a bad tree is worthy to be plucked out and burned with its roots as there is nothing to be gained from it. Are your roots rotten to the very core? Are you able to see past yourself and aspire to bring fourth good fruit? Would you have had, your mother abort you from birth? And as many as share this mind set? Would you call this a fair law? Are you more than your sexual gratification? The complexity of the mind does it have any worth? Or are you just an object of someone’s lust? Are you only good to be used as a tool in the toolbox of a builder of lies and deception? You must, if you are such a wise old sage think of such things, or are you driven by the tide of personal success and greed?

If you gain this world but lose your soul what have you gained really? If all life and mankind started out from apes why does the very thought of this beg for more answers? What happened to the giants of old? I don’t mean those dinosaurs either I mean the men who were giants! Oh you do not believe in them, I see even though there are bones and proof! Who are the builders? What are the Freemasons? Or should I say the free builders, are you to ignorant and self involved to look outside of your comfort zone to search for the truth? Do you only look to your sexual gratification here on earth because you know you are unable to produce any good fruit? If you never ask these questions of yourself you should! If you do well “Cain” won’t you be accepted? Sin lies at the door and its desire is for you! But you should rule over it! (A small play on words?)