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What is Homophobic?

·         By B. Walker

Homophobic is a word used to decry and project an image of fear of, or prejudice against anyone who would disagree with homosexuals and their life style. It is all about images and perceptions just like in Hollywood or theater, and we all know that Hollywood is all about imagery. What is at stake is to make up what is  believed are catchy one word, or one line slogans that are meant to impress on you, to conjure in the mind’s eye an image, much the way you might create the jingle for a commercial that you remember or sing too.

The image that you conjure up in your mind is relevant as you need to focus your hate, or angst against someone or something you can see! I will use this case in point. Have you ever noticed that if you have two opposing views such as an atheist and Christian in a debate, they will find the most ignorant and extreme Christian they can find who also would appear to be a mental nut case? This is no coincidence; It is all about perceptions for the closed mind system of calm to chaos. If you control both sides of anything you control the outcome, as well as its perception and imagery. Disparaging imagery is used to guilt the opposition into submission by the use of peer pressure or imagery of some  real or perceived predigest. 

Every day the Liberal media uses this imagery and perception system, to project what they want you to believe verses what is really at stake in the big game of life. They use the three deadly sins, and they are; # 1) the lust of the eyes,( riches, and things everyone else has, that I don’t) # 2) the lust of the flesh, (we all know sex sells! And sexual desire is a driving force for every living being! This can also be seen as anything that fulfills the flesh) # 3) the pride of life, (power, pride, self willed, arrogance, look at all I have done, all that I have created! I am my own god and created my own world. And the list goes on.)

The media plays on these three things that I have listed above to carve out either positive or negative images for you to believe, and to further their agenda of mind enslavement and self correction, they use peer pressure to seal the deal, as we all know you don’t want to be the odd man out! Even the so called Education system uses this same technique; it is called the Delphi technique and has many other names but is used to form your perceptions.

Billions are spent by marketing firms every year to test for new theory to use on you so that you will buy whatever wares they are selling! Sometimes it is tangible items and other times it is just ideas. The Liberals use this technique in all facets of their closed system minds, and is proven over and over as they are irked by truth. Some are such drones they don’t even know they have been programmed to do it! I say this to Their shame. In order to understand this process you need to look at the programming used to make you think your thinking on your own! The system uses many facilitators some call themselves professors; they will tell you how the system has left you out depending on your status and social class.

Your higher Education will lead you down the road of this so called diversity training that is nothing more than a homosexual indoctrination and acceptance class, tell you about critical thinking and how to read and understand the erratic mind set, of those lunatics who are against everything they don’t understand about how different people live, they will take you down the trail of race relations and how because if you are white you should be ashamed, and compare the homosexual to the obvious down trodden ethnic groups that have been spurned and denied. They will offer you up to the gods of philosophy, and the so called mind set of openness, while in fact they put blinders on you because they set up how you learn and their opinion on how the world works or should. This is the equivalent to putting blinders on the beast of burden, or giving oneself a lobotomy; I like to use the image of a donkey for this! (Grin) If you hold your hands to the side of your face your vision is hindered. If you remove your hands you see clearly! This is the equivalent to having the curtain pulled back to reveal reality. Any study that projects itself, and claims to be broad based or free thinking, and yet limits the right answers has put blinders on and controls the outcome from both sides. The same Education system told Einstein he was retarded or an imbecile.

The learned elite know that any debate can be won or lost by whoever gets angry first and becomes erratic in thought at what is said, they will tell you to listen to and for those Rhema or logos words of power that will lead you to the god like perceptions and stature you are now endowed with because of the great learning abilities they have bestowed on you! They may even select a haughty student who believes themselves to be wise, and make an example of them to put in awe those simple minds who buy into perceptions and the images projected by, the quackery of their psychology and sociology test tube classmates. Professor dimwit will stand as a monument to their stupidity! Large and in charge, a figure of mental wisdom to be ogled and awed among the unlearned fools!

They will tell you to compare yourself, or some incident in your life that compares to what you have learned, and have you write an essay about it, if you bring up obvious objections to their teaching you will be scorned by the facilitator who will treat you as if what you have said is the most ignorant thing they have ever heard and find a way to get your peers to laugh at you, all the while they avoid the questions asked. Be it pertinent or not. To all” the perception seems to fall in favor to that wise old facilitator and sage, who just struck down any chance at an honest examination of facts or debate. This dear friend; is Hollywood imagery! Lots of words exchanged or passed but no real answers. It is a fact that people learn best when being amused with humor, or from hands on experience or example. The above fills this learning gap! As well as the gap in the unlearned head

If you toe the line you can be rewarded, with a certificate that says (I Iz very learned) and you go on minding your thoughts and feelings for perception sake, because after all you are a good person at heart and we mustn’t upset the boat with dissent because others might laugh at you, or may take offence at your words, but if the learned are such critical thinkers why should you be angered? Critical thinking is above all of this! The anger is for the ignorant remember? Words are only a means to project a passing thought, and only the ignorant let another take his power away of self rule by a fleeting thought.

Shall we examine the word homophobic at the apex of its foolishness? I don’t like peanut butter so am I now a peanut butter-ophobic? I don’t like peas! Am I now a pea-aphobic? I prefer Ford over imports! Am I now an import-aphobic I prefer Christianity or secularism am I now a secular-aphobic? I call myself a conservative am I now a Liberal-aphobic? I prefer not to touch excrement! Am I now an excrement-aphobic? I believe that Islam is a religion of hate and terror, am I now Islam-ophobic? IF I think you are a moron! Does this make me a moron-aphobic?

What we have here is the perceptions that you want others to have about those who would oppose not equal but special rights for a minority of the population who controls the images that we see and hear in theater! Theater is not real but is an act or acting. You know pretend! People who may be weak pretend to be the hero’s of a script given them by the writer much like what we have for the presidency! If we have real people in charge why do they have others write their speeches? If they are really what they claim, why have an image consultant? Remember what an image is? It is a perception formed in your mind by others

Hollywood perceptions and imagery let’s a coward look brave, the strong appear weak, the weak look strong, the bad look good, and the good look bad. The problem with this is that it still does not change the fact of what it is and that is just trickery!

I say” I am not against homosexuals! I don’t hate or have any animosity against their plight! I am one of the few that are willing to state they are born the way they are and I know why! I can even show what science has known for a long time but won’t address. The other part of the equation and its link! What I am against is being force fed the agenda and lies that are being put out by many who are self serving, and the flaunting being done with the in your face attitude. If you are so concerned about perceptions and images, why the makeup, weird dress and parades?

The fact of the matter is, there is no such thing as a homophobic! It is all but fake imagery and smoke and mirrors, Perceptions formed and control by those whose goal it is to rule the world and all of its inhabitants to be subject to them and their demands at all costs. The trick here is to make us enslave ourselves and to think it is either for our own good or our own Idea!

I say  people are “NORMALPHOBIC” If your behavior goes unchecked your afraid we might just rub off on you, and you can become a productive citizen of the United States of America! Or even the world