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Why did God create all, when it is clear to us that all life on our planet will cease to exist, when the sun goes white dwarf? All memory of  us will be wiped-out. What was the purpose of this particular design feature?

By B. Walker

The purpose of life was to give man the opportunity to feel the full range of emotions both good and evil in the physical realm. Both sides to the same coin, light versus dark, good versus evil, if the two are in equal proportions they cancel each other out and become fate or random chance. Without free will and choice life has no meaning, without emotions we cant express, without time we have no measure to see how much we have wasted , without death we could not appreciate life, without sorrow we could not express happiness, without hate we could not experience love, without hearing we could not appreciate music and sounds, without smell we could not taste, without eyes we would miss some of the beauty around us such as colors, those who are missing such things are all a matter of fate or as some would say random chance. Evolution and the survival of the fittest or accidents take your pick.

Reality is only a glimmer in the eye of God much the same way as a video game works you set up the rules and boundaries for the game to be played, you set up the pictures and the scenes for each stage of the game, you create a instruction book with the rules in it, you set up the characters, you set it up so you know how it ends never letting it last longer then you intended. The time of the one looking from the outside is not the same as the player inside the game, and all who wish to participate may as long as they follow the rules of the game according to its creator. If you don’t like the rules it does not change them, if you go against them you are subject to fate. If you choose to disobey the rules as they are set out, it is game over and another player’s turn to get hold of the controller. Can the thing created say to him who created it why did you make me this way? We don’t set the rules our job is to study them and play the game as it was designed.

If this is not the answer you seek the fault is in you because your understanding of the precepts can’t offer you any more than what I have given you here. The taunt as it were is nothing more than an excuse to never fault self or to feel guilt for evils done. Using your logic why should we even obey laws if none of this matters right? Why should I not just take what I can by force because none of this matters anyway right? So lets all kill or be killed is this what you say? It will all end some day right? So what is the meaning of your life? You know that it will end some day right? You know that nothing you have done or say or feel will matter because once your gone your gone right? So why ask the questions then?

We are placed here to learn the lessons of life you look to this place as all there is and yet you cheat yourself of all that life has to offer and its full range of goodness. The universal laws are at work here if you do good it will come back to you if you do evil it will be repaid, this is the idea of treasure in heaven. I think therefore I am. Calm to chaos in a closed thinking system you pretend to seek but can never be filled, because your system is full of yourself and can not receive more then you expend.
I seek life with an open system ready to accept what life has to offer and adjust as new data comes in according to the precepts we have been given and beyond that if I extrapolate I become a closed system myself. I hope not to be here when it happens.