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Why Not Gay Marriage?

I have been asked many times why I oppose gay marriage and besides the spiritual implications that I have addressed elsewhere on many forums, in this case below the antagonist kept mentioning and bashing Christians, and made mention of the priests and preachers who have been is scandals. I address some of these issues below.

By B. Walker

Why must it be Gay marriage and not civil union? Or domestic partnership? Why marriage? Homosexuals have been around from the fall of mankind this is true and for Christians who believe in the Bible, and many other religions, marriage is a religious ceremony. All major religions condemn homosexuality! We find if offensive! 

Why again must it be marriage? Why not the other options as stated above? You are right if you say  that their behavior does not alter my personal attraction to women but it does alter the perception of the acceptance by the masses and by enlarge this nation has spoken out against it! There has not been in any state, by the vote of the people acceptance of homosexual marriage, this issue has been settled by activist judges only not by the will of the people ever!.

I for one do not hate homosexual’s period! I do not like the fact that it has gotten to the point that it is in your face every time you turn around, this goes to prove that the media is hard at work because we all have heard that sex sells. Every homosexual I know or have ever seen is an activist and has the same in your face attitude. Every TV program has the homosexual agenda in it pushing their lifestyle and agenda. This only proves my point of constant activism. They have infiltrated the education system to indoctrinate their lifestyle on our children, and use the closed minded system of education to further this agenda of acceptance and normalcy when in fact science tells us that this is a mutation of the genes that cause this defect.  Science tells us that any organism that can’t reproduce itself is a mutant. The lack of sexual attraction to the opposite sex fits this criteria and definition. I could go down to the cellular level to explain but that is not what is at hand here so I will get back to Gay marriage.

Homosexuals stand out in the crowd like a sore thumb hit by 20 lbs hammer! You tell me that the straight men go around dressed with heaps of makeup on, and wearing dresses at gay pride day parades! This crap all comes back to the same thing, “perceptions!” Including the publishing on the web, as the concerned heterosexual, who is the defender of the down trodden homosexuals. Because we don’t agree does not equal hate, this is what brand, that the homosexuals have put on it, to further their cause and agenda. As long as you stir up the masses you have a cause, this has worked the same way for the racism issue, and as long as you point out the differences you have the option to keep it in the forefront! Not to mention the fact that if I keep the masses focused of this topic I can fish from another bank and you won’t see me!

Why have the homosexuals switched from the use of queer to Gay? For perceptions sake! Queer means odd, and gay is happy, so most of the time you see a homosexual on TV you see the little happy odd fellow that seems very harmless and jovial and just another happy soul. Look to the real side of what a lot of us see are demonstrations and rioting anger, and destruction. Homosexuals have been more violent than most others and spew half of the crap that we read on line and including on most internet forums. Law abiding well this is yet to be seen, it cuts both ways on this issue but activists are some of the most violent people around. I also love the bait and switch thing where when a child molester especially if he claims to be a priest, or Christian or even straight it makes the news like wildfire!

No straight man has the desire for another man, if a man has the desire for another they are a homosexual or as some call them they are bisexual. They are not straight period! If you claim they are, it is meant as a slap in the face to Christians. Ted Haggard was a closet homosexual and there are many others, He is a homosexual and that is just the plain old facts, Will you make the issue because you hate Christians? Are only Christians opposed to gay marriage? Are all Christians Republicans or conservatives? If you mention the fact that a so called Christian has had an affair with another man or woman is this remark hate speech or a slur toward those who you hate because they oppose your ideals or is it more offensive they are calling themselves Christian before they call themselves homosexual?

A homosexual can choose any profession that they want and your ilk try to punish those who oppose your view by perception tactics and double speak, when in fact it is you who hate because we can’t agree. I know how the tricks work, put them on the defensive, back them into a corner, make it personal with all the emotions and go in and give them the smack down! So I can raise myself up as the haughty and mighty brainiac. Set your pea brains free? You really should try a new tactic as this is tiring! Why are you defending this issue unless you are either a closet homosexual, or are a homosexual, or? Why do you feel the need to defend the issue?

Could you possibly point me to, the latest breaking news about the conservative homosexuals in the news? And explain if you can why a conservative homosexual is worse than a liberal homosexual or better? Was the issue with Ted Haggard and homosexuality an issue because he claimed to be a Christian? Or was this just because he is a bad person? Are bisexual homosexuals better then a regular homosexual? You say how do we who are opposed to homosexual marriage sleep at night, why are you curious? Are you a closet conservative? Do you fantasize about what it would be like to be one of us? Why are we considered sick? Because we oppose such things are we to be titled ignorant? Can you cite the study that suggests this? Can you cite the source of your higher learning that gave you the right to judge us? Is this not what you claim conservatives have done? Wow and you claim we have small closed minds! Is this issue valid at all? Or is it just more spew by you?

The reality here is this. “You” are as guilty as any of us, of the same things that you claim we do! Those are the facts